Hand Simulator – How to Obtain the Devourer and Langolier Achievements

This is how to get the fast food achievements “Devourer” and “Langolier”, when there’s no longer a fast food level!

How to Get Fast Food Achievements

Recruit a Friend

For both of the achievements you’ll need to play with a friend, since otherwise it’s nearly impossible to angle the pizza correctly with your own wrist into your mouth.

So, convince a friend to play hand simulator with you.

Sports Bar

Create a private lobby with your friend in the “Sports Bar” game mode, and head over to the bar that has the pizza laying on it.

Feed Your Friend / Be Fed

Stand on either side of the bar, and have person one pick up a piece of pizza. Person two will be fed the pizza by person one.

Person one should then shove the pizza in-between person two’s top and bottom sets of teeth, and try to get around half of the pizza slice in their mouth.

The person eating will have to make loud noises into their microphone while pressing and holding “V” down on their keyboard. This will make their mouth open and close on the pizza. Sometimes the bites don’t register, so just keep making weird loud noises. You’ll both hear the person take bites when the bites are successful.

Take So Many Bites That You Puke!

You only ever need to grab one piece of pizza, so don’t waste time and effort getting rid of the slice every time it’s bitten. it’s an infinite slice!**
Just keep feeding that piece of pizza into the other person’s face until they puke. Puking for the first time will unlock the “Devourer” achievement for them. They can then feed you while in the same lobby until you puke, and it will give you the achievement too.

Whoever throws up will get the achievement. It won’t unlock for you unless you’re the one that’s throwing up from the pizza.

The Langolier Achievement

This achievement is annoying, but pretty easy.

You personally need to puke 10 times to get the achievement, and each time that you puke has to be in a brand new lobby (that’s the most annoying part).

It should go like this:

  1. Create a private lobby (named whatever you want) for “Sports Bar”.
  2. Join the lobby.
  3. Tell your friend the name of the lobby, and have them join.
  4. Both of you walk to the bar with the pizza on it.
  5. One of you picks up a slice of pizza, then raises it up to the friend’s mouth.
  6. Friend screeches / talks / makes noises while pressing “V” on their keyboard so that their mouth moves in-game (You have to be loud for the bites to count).
  7. Friend throws up.
  8. Both of you exit that lobby.
  9. One of you creates a new private lobby for “Sports Bar”.
  10. Both of you join it.
  11. You repeat all the steps until both of you have puked 10 times – one person puking per lobby (which means 20 different lobbies).
  12. Get sore throats like my friend and I did.
  13. Be happy that you never have to screech to eat pizza again!
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