HELLION – How to Warp to Outpost (New Update)

This guide explains how to warp to outpost in prologue in new Warp update.

Guide to to Warp to Outpost


After searching Nanite Core deliver this to ship.

On ship, replace old Nanite Core with new Nanite core.

Take the Pilot Seat

Press 2 to active navigation screen

Move the map with click right mouse button and middle mouse button to find objective quest. Click on it.

Choose any object in the list.

Click on Warp To.

Find row Time to Arrival and choose time with wheel mouse button Up. Scroll up in range from 6 to 10 until border field will turn green.

Click initialize. Wait few seconds.

Press 1 and point ship to red target until label weel green.

Wait the time indicated on the panel under the cursor. You can press ESC and walk on the ship until the warp jump begins.

Don’t press the maneuver buttons (left CTRL, space, A and D, as you will interrupt the warp jump).


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