Biped – How to Locate and Collect All Stars (Solo Campaign)

This guide will help you locate and collect all stars in the solo campaign.

Solo Campaign Star Locations

All Solo Campaign Stars and Where to Find Them

Each level of the game has a set number of stars to be collected. In the non-pro levels, they can be hidden and some may be challenging to find. Here is a list of where you can find the stars in the solo campaign.

Biped Training (3 stars)

  1. At the end of the sliding tube; it can’t be missed.
  2. Collect all the blue coins within the time limit (skating makes this easier).
  3. After the bounce pad room, but before going down the coin slide, it’s on the right side of the room in front of a black box push trap.

Dense Forest (5 stars)

  1. Behind the Biped who tells you about unstable panels. It’s visible in his cutscene.
  2. At going up the first magnetic rail, it’s at the bottom of the screen before going through the wooden double doors.
  3. After solving the six-shape button puzzle and crossing the bridge that appears, use the hidden bounce pad off the top of the screen, before using the magnetic rail.
  4. On the unstable panel bridge between the third and fourth log push traps.
  5. On the unstable panel bridge after the first two moving stone platforms.

Cactus Valley (4 stars)

  1. After cooperating with the Biped to cross the seesaw, it appears as a reward.
  2. After a magnetic rail, at the top left of a moving seesaw balloon platform. Use the color changing balloons to help time your movement; start on the right edge, move to the left after the right-side balloons turn red, and you’ll be able to reach the star by walking to it.
  3. Inside the animal skeleton after the moving seesaw balloon platform. Note: you don’t have to snap the ribs, you can squeeze between them.
  4. After cooperating with the Biped to cross the square donut seesaw, appears as a reward on the left side.

Rainy Ruins (6 stars)

  1. After the 3-foot door, on the bottom-right edge of the platform.
  2. On the shrinking 3-foot bridge. It’s easier to reach than it might seem at first; just set your foot down with the inanimate biped, and that’s 3 feet. From that point, it’s no different from the 1-foot bridge before it as long as you don’t accidentally pick up the biped again.
  3. Behind the giant biped statue before approaching the pirate Biped. If you went through the crumbling floor, you went too far.
  4. After the blue coins hill, before the 2-foot moving platform, it’s behind the torch pillar on the right side. Swing your foot to reach it, attempting to step down might drop you into oblivion.
  5. Collect all the blue coins within the time limit on the unstable panels.
  6. In the bottom right corner of the room with the 20-foot button, hidden behind a crumbling wall. Again, swing your foot to collect it, since stepping down could drop you into the pit.

Snowy Peak (3 stars)

  1. It’s pretty far into the level. After the large gears, in the room at the top of the zigzag bounce column, in the top right corner above a whirlwind.
  2. In the very next area, where you have to swing into a whirlwind to catch the next swing, the star is with a group of coins along the path of the swing. You are practically guaranteed to snag it on your way through the room.
  3. Above the cowboy hat Biped who tells you that the beacon is close by. It can be reached via the moving swing circle.

High Treetop (3 stars)

  1. Before taking the first magnetic rail, go to the right side and chuck the log onto the conveyor belt; it appears as a reward.
  2. After taking the first magnetic rail, the next room has another log you can toss into the bin. It’s a longer shot, but if you miss, another log will spawn in its place until you succeed. The star appears as a reward.
  3. At the end of the last magnetic rail after successfully passing four logs into their bins. It can’t be missed.

Blue Rapids (4 stars)

  1. After helping two boats reach the docks, in the area with the waterfall on the back wall, it’s above the second rock with a set of coins. It’s possible to move faster than the rapids can push you, so just push for it.
  2. After the second symbol button bridge puzzle, on the swinging platform between the conveyor belts.
  3. In the second boating portion, while helping the first two connected boats, it’s with a set of coins next to the lower-left rock.
  4. After going down the big waterfall, collect all the blue coins within the time limit; it appears as a reward.

Sunset Ridge (7 stars)

  1. At the unstable panel circle, collect all the blue coins within the time limit; it appears as a reward.
  2. Before rescuing the Biped hanging from the balloon, go to the right over by the tent where you’ll find a coin chest and the star just below it.
  3. Obtained while solving the first seesaw and pinball puzzle; it can’t be missed.
  4. After reaching the mid-height platform off of the first bounce pad, it’s suspended over a crumbled corner on the bottom-left; swing your foot out to reach it.
  5. In the next area on the holed rolling pin platform. Use the first crank to make a path to the second crank, and use the second crank to make a path to the star.
  6. In the room past the large Biped statue, but before stepping on the 2-foot platform (with a save point and two carrots in front of it), you can step off the top edge. You’ll land on a wide 2-foot platform that will raise up and reveal a star.
  7. Obtained while solving the second seesaw and pinball puzzle; it can’t be missed.
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