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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Leveling Army Guide

Written by Aaron   /   Mar 31, 2020    

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Fast way to level up your army quickly.

How to Level Army

Starting Choices

  1. Put your culture as Vlandia.
  2. Pick "A Baron's retainer".
  3. Pick "your leadership skills".
  4. Pick "hunted small game".
  5. Pick "served as baron's groom".
  6. Pick "you lead a successful manhunt".
  7. Pick "tricked the raiders".

Leveling Up Your Army

  1. In leadership get the skill that levels up the meek. It will give medium xp daily to tier 1-2-3.
  2. In tactics get soldiers do 5% damage in simulated battles.
  3. Recruit 15-20 men.
  4. Find weak looters and attack them, but instead of manually fighting them instead auto-resolve it or simulate the battle.

Your soldiers will get more XP from a simulated battle. You will be able to get a tier 4 unit in the first few minutes of the game from doing this.

Written by Aaron.