Resident Evil Resistance – Ultimate Tyrant Guide

Just a guide on how tyrant works and others like that.

Guide to Tyrant


The Tyrant, or Mr. X, is quite familiar if you’ve played RE2

  • He’s a spicy boy with one hell of a punch, but just randomly swinging isnt all you can do!
  • The greatest of firsts, Pulverize.
  • Pulverize is an attack that can instantly kill a survivor, however can be interrupted.

  • Upon successfully grabbing a survivor (if you even manage to at all), It will begin a short timer.
  • If this timer ends without interruption, the survivor’s head will be crushed, instantly marking them KIA.
  • However, if you are interrupted, they will be freed, obviously.

Pulverize has a slightly long cooldown.

Bull Rush

Bull Rush is an attack that allows extra mobility and at the same time, damage causing.

Upon using Bull Rush, you will start charging in the directions you face.

After a certain amount of time, if you run into something (i think), or if you press Bull Rush again, you will stop charging, and swing in the direction you’re facing with a slight lunge.

You will also deal damage if you rush into survivors during Bull Rush, and the lunge-swing will do quite a bit more too.


Stalker is an ability for information and chase.

Stalker shows you where the survivors are, and increases movement speed for catching up to survivors.


Rampart is a defensive ability.

  • When used, Mr. X will cover his head with his hand, protecting him from headshots from the front.
  • It is not guaranteed to work all the time, but it is useful to protect yourself against headshot stuns

Hook Punch

Hook Punch is pretty self explanatory. It’s just a punch.

Use Time

Mr. X Retains a limited amount of time to use each time he is deployed.

You must divide your time where it’s not being wasted, but it is also doing as much damage as you can.

Unlocking Your Bioweapon / Tyrant

You can reduce the tyrant cooldown by attacking survivors.

Something to Note

Mr. X will not die unless the timer expires.

  • He however, can be stunned temporarily.
  • Don’t be afraid to go all-out assault on the survivors while Mr. X is active.

  • Stalker also increases your movement speed so you can keep up with the survivors. 
  • Also, if Mr. X grabs someone, shoot him in the face. 
  • Don’t just stand around doing what you were doing, unless you want a 30 second penalty. 
  • Also, the mastermind has special voicelines for summoning Mr. X. For Daniel (the only mastermind in the demo version). They are “No regret. No sorrow. Just flesh made into a weapon.” “Here’s Trenchy!” and i think there’s one more but i can’t remember what it is.

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