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Warframe - Scarlet Spear: Ground Missions Guide

Written by W.A. the Anum   /   Mar 31, 2020    

With Operation Scarlet Spear, we got some new stuff for warframe. Its a new Event which you can do either on the earth or railjack.

This Guide gives you some really usefull tricks and advices -what- helps you on the ground/earth missions.

Scarlet Spear: How and Where to Begin

Some small words before:

First of all, If you wanna begin Scarlet Spear, you need to go to the place which you can find on earth.

After that you will land in the new main room this mission has to offer, it will look like this:

If youre in there for the first time, you should go and find little duck (she will be standing near the end of the right stairs). She will tell you what is going on and what to do but doesnt really explain what you have to "get".

As for that, talk with her again and get from her the "MnLink". it will cost you 1000 Credits and you only need 1 coz you can use it endlessly.

You need this said object to play this missions, both parts of it becourse it links the progress you make (ground or railjack) with another online group which fights with you on the ground/Railjack missions/level.

Without it, you are not able to play or join others for this mission.

As soon as you got the MnLink, you have now 2 opinions how and where you play this event. Either you go, right next to little duck, on a ground level mission and help people there.

Or you go and help people out on Railjack missions.

This guide will help you if you wanna play the ground level missions. If you wanna know more about the railjack part, this guide will not help you any futher so in that case, you can stop right here and try to find another guide which helps you with the railjack part - Else, read forward becorse now i try to help you with the ground level mission in detail.

Ground Level Missions - How They Work

The ground level missions are working like this:

  • Searching for a landing spot of the ships.

This spots are marked on your (mini)map so you just have to move there and the ship will spawn there instantly as soon as youre close by.

  • Attacking the "Eye" from the ship.

As soon as the ship is landed, it will open and you will see an "eye" which you should keep attacking. The ship will also spawn some other sentients which you should also kill if you wanna keep progressing destroying and scanning the ship.

  • Lowering the sentient ships health.

Sometimes, the Ship will close its weakspot (the "eye") and its healthbar in the HUD will turn Grey. In this state, you cant attack it anymore and you have to kill every other sentient which is still alive. As soon as those are killed, the ship will open its weakspot again and you can attack it again.

  • Place down the MnLink(s).

As soon as you lowerd the health of the ship close to zero, it will shut its weakspot again and spawns for a last time some sentients which you have to kill again. As soon as all sentients are killed, you will see on your (mini)map that a yellow circle appiers. In this circle, you have to place your MnLink - here important to say that everyone in the group should do it so the followed steps are easier and, mostly, faster.

  • Defend the MnLink(s).

As soon as the MnLink(s) is placed, you have to defend it from the incomming enemys. the Link will scan the sentient ship and sends the killcodes to another railjack group which is in need of them (aka those will be used for the railjack part).

Here important: Ones your MnLink is destroyed, you cant use it again in the same mission so you either have to restart it or, if youre with a group, youre down 1 link.

  • Finishing the scan.

As soon as the Scan is done, you will get your Mnlink back in your inventory. From here, you can now begin back at step 1. If you scanned at least 3 ships you can stay longer (it also will get harder...) or leave the mission if you want (at least up to 17 ship scans). The longer you stay, the more event credits you will get but the stronger the enemys and sentient ships will also get...

As small personal advice, you should try to stay at least and scan 10 ships. After that, the enemys get very strong (after ship 12, over the lvl 100~) and you will need really long to get a ships health down.

Useful Frames

Here i try to count up some very useful frames for the mission. Important here, you can do the ground level mission solo with some of them but it is way easier to do it with a full 4 player team.


  • Role: Offensive Supporter / Crowd control.

Mag is a great offensive supporter. She is able to lower enemy shields and armor with her 3 wile giving her team support and loading up the teammates shields if they walk though the wave - and paired with the Counter Pulse mod, she is able to stun the enemys - even the sentients which will even stop attacking if they already charge(d) up their attacks (or doing their spin attacks).

This alone makes her perfect for the waves of enemys which getting stronger all the time, weaken their armor and stunning them in the progress of attacking makes attacking the ship and focusing its weakspot way easier - And in addidion that the team recovers its full shield helps the team survive way longer.


  • Role: Damage Dealer.

Mirage should be used best paired with a good weapon (i tell some good ones as sample later) and her augment mod Hall of Malevolence for her first ability.

With that combination, shes able to get the health of the sentient ship down in seconds. She also can throw her 4 into the crowds of enemys, keeping them down and giving a bit of crowd control, damagewise.


  • Role: Defender.

Limbo will mostly shine as soon as you have to defend the MnLink(s). With his bubble + timestop, the enemys will sure have an hard time to get even close to them.


  • Role: Defensive Supporter / Crowd control.

Novas 4 Helps you here very very very much. It slows, again, every enemy type (even sentients~) and makes them easier to kill and destroy. It slows down the enemys if you have to defend your MnLink (if you play at least a slow nova (god in heaven if you take a rush nova...dont...)).

In combination with a Mag, she will help even more since Nova will slow the enemys and Mag will shred their Armor and even stunning them in total with her augment mod. So again, she has epic crowd control and for this mission, she really shines.

This 4 Frames help very much with the situation as whole. Some other usefull ones are:

  • Rhino and Mesa since those can buff their teammates with an damage buff - Also as for Mesas case, she can shread though the mobs with her 4 pretty easy, wile Rhino can keep them stuned with his for if they should get to close.
  • Nekros for some "support loot" (mostly health and energie in the long run) and help from his "shadows" (his 4)
  • Frost and Gara (if you dont have a Limbo) - Gara also can give other teammates an armor buff
  • Wisp as overall great supporter - but since you have to move around pretty much from place to place, maybe a support Oberon might be the better opinion here.

Useful Weapons

Some useful weapons which make some huge damage on the ship are:


  • + Good firerate (Uncharged!)
  • + (with a right riven mod) good (if 100% crit rate) damage per arrow
  • + Great Damage over time
  • + Works good against the spawning enemys & mops
  • - Long standart Reload time for full magazine
  • - low single arrow damage (still with a good firerate!)

Cernos Prime

  • + Great damage with higher multishot (& critrate + critdamage!)
  • + Good crowd control with the salve of arrows
  • - just good single arrow damage (Shots normaly 3 arrows standart - so add multishot mods!)
  • - Single Reload; NEEDS charged up shots to make really good damage

Dread & Paris Prime

  • + MASSIVE single arrow damage
  • - Might be only good to attack the ship in this mission
  • - misses "crowd control" - hard to use against the mass of spawned enemys
  • - Single Reload; NEEDS charged up shots to make really high damage

(Paris Prime sample picture).

Written by W.A. the Anum.

Game:   Warframe