Resident Evil Resistance – Presets Guide (Key Items)

Short guide about how to search key items like a speedy boy.

Guide to Key Items

Why Do You Need This

Main focus of this guide is to help newcomers or people wich are unaware of the mechanics. Ok, so, in case you didn’t know, position of all key objects (except capsules in the last area) and some traps with zombies in a match are predetermined by a Preset, that Mastermind or simply MM chose. Depending on a Preset, flow of the game can be changed. It is really important to know as fast as possible where you need to go, because it is saving a bunch of time for survs and make it harder for MM to defend rooms if you are just rushing them. To actually determine which Preset you are on, you are only need to observe key spots in first 2-3 rooms. More details and screenshots I will write down under each Preset.

P.S. In the Area 3 it seems completly random wich order of capsules will be used, so I see no point in adding screenshots of Area 3 as it doesn’t really matter.

P.P.S. Existence of Presets is kinda questionable in terms of balance, I highly doubt that on a release this mechanics will be changed somehow. Most MM’s would probably like to set every key item by themselves more. But, if somehow Presets will change drastically, I am probably gonna rewrite and transfer this guide to the RE3 with addition of new maps, or delete it, so, yeah.

Preset 1

As you can see, first and second room do not have keys. When you see it, you can instantly exclude 3 and 4 Presets. If a key is opposite to a first camera of the 3 room, than it is 1 Preset, if it is right under the camera, than it’s 2 Preset.

I marked a Key Guard with a red circle, he will be marked the same way in other Presets too.

For MM side I am considering this preset being pretty weak. In a 1 Area you can somewhat defend only key in a toilet, others are baisically free.

In a 2 Area – Guard is in a room with long table where zombies can be kited or killed in packs and two doors, which is never a good thing. Plus there is a safe zone right after room with a Guard. Additionally, in this Preset, Area 2 has the least amount of backtracking and terminal near the exit.

Preset 2

As I said earlier, Preset 2 can be recognized by a first key being in a third room under the first camera.

I played most of my MM games on this preset. And, it’s ok, better than Preset 1 for sure, but with some ups and downs. In the Area 1 survs still have baisically two free keys, but third is easier to defend. Also, this Preset allows you to be a little more aggressive right from the first room.

In case of Area 2 – Guard in the same room, but one of the trerminals is back in the first room, in a tight spot, with two cameras to observe, wich is pretty sweet.

Preset 3

Second easiest to recognize. If you see a first key on the table in a second room, that’s it.

So, for MM’s it is subjectively second best preset. In the Area 1 first key is really easy to get, but Lvl 3 lock on a door with a proper defense can waste a good chunk of time for survs, especially if you attacking them from behind, while they open the door. Big room with dogs and second key can be dangerous too. Third key is in a toilet just like in the Preset 1, but you have Lvl 3 lock from the start plus zombie, wich gives you a good time to prepare defense or ambush.

In Area 2 your Guard is pretty vulnerable, because he stays in the middle of the corridor, but you can wait around corner and try to ambush. Terminals position is relatively good, I think it is very easy to catch keyholder with a Mr. X here.

Preset 4

Arguabaly the best Preset, but the easiest to determine. In the first room, in the top left corner will be the key and in a Area 2 Guard in the far right room.

For MM’s I think it is pretty balanced Preset in terms of traps, locked doors and zombies position.

Area 1 can waste big amount of time for survs, and third key has very good defensive position.

But where this Preset shines – it’s Area 2, with the largest amount of backtraking, and very good defensive options for Guard and terminal in his room.

Some Additional Notes, Tips etc.


I am probably messed up with guard positions, or something else. So, correct me where I am wrong.

One time, I’ve seen Guard in a left room, after conference room. I don’t remember wich Preset was it and I don’t remember seeing him on the Preset map.

Random Tips

If a room with a key has only one door, you could ask a teammate to stand in a doorway, while you picking a key up. MM cannot lock doors if someone is very close to them.

When you playing MM and see one player rushing through map and colecting all keys, just focus him, he is probably away from the team and easy target for bite. If you manage to down him, just camp him and all keys with a zombie. This is especially effective in Area 2, when you spawn Mr. X right on top of him, when player pickups keycard. But kill him with punches, so he would be down longer, therefore wasting more time, because without card noone can do anyting.

Some Info

There are two types of puzzles in the Area 1: one with a map and another with a toy. Technically, there is no difference between them. But map pieces are harder to see sometimes, so, look closely.

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