Talvisota – Winter War – Tank Weakspots Guide

This guide will show you where to shoot a tank with the AT gun in order to kill it quickly.

Guide to Tank Weakspots


The 53-k 45mm Anti Tank gun is capable of penetrating the armour of all tanks in the game. Early tanks had very thin armour.

However the early and small calibre Anti tank guns didn’t have shells large enough to carry much explosives inside if any. Meaning once a shell penetrated unless it hit something vital it didn’t do much.

So you need to learn where to aim to be able to kill or disable an enemy vehicle.

T-20 Weak Spots

The T-20’s engine is in the middle of the vehicle under the the passenger section. Flanked by a fuel tank on each side. Making side hits to the lower passenger area very lethal. The transmission goes through the front wheels just at the crews feet.

T-26 Weak Spots

The T-26 has it’s main ammo dump located on the floor of the vehicle directly under the turret. It also has two smaller stores of ammunition in the turret bustle. It’s transmission runs along the front axle. The engine is in the middle of the rear of the tank flanked by two fuel tanks. The fuel tank on the left side being significantly larger than the right side fuel tank.

Frontal hits through the drivers viewport are advised as hitting the floor ammo from the front can be difficult given the extreme angle of the armour and the front being the thickest. The T-26 is most vunerable from the sides as the floor ammunition and fuel tanks are very exposed. Aim low at the floor if you want to take out a T-26. From the rear aiming at the turret bustle on either side can hit the turret ammo.

T-28 Weak Spots

The T-28 doesn’t have any ammo stored in it’s upper turret. It’s transmission is also located in the rear of the tank along the rear axle rather than the front. It’s has 3 ammo locations. Two along the side of the hull and one inside the turret near the bottom. The engine on the T-28 is very large with it’s fuel tanks located behind the engine rather than alone side it. The large engine combined with the rear transmission is the reason the tank is so long.

The T-28 has one large weakness. The drivers front plate. Located behind the drivers head is the turret ammo storage. Unless the turret is turned 90 degrees in either direction the ammo is always there. Meaning that divers plate is where you want to be shooting at the front. Although it is possible to hit the hull ammo from the front as well. The side armour of the T-28 can be difficult to get though. In some places on the sides there’s 3 separate plates the shell has to get though. The plate protecting the wheels, the side plate of the hull itself and an internal plate designed to protect the hull ammo. It makes the sides very hard to get a kill from. Even above the wheels it has armoured equipment boxes unlike the T-26s unarmoured boxes. It’s length makes it hard to guess where the fuel tanks are from the side as well. The rear of the tank is very thin and it’s very easy to immobilise the tank or blow up a fuel tank from the rear.

Extra Tips

Remember that these weak spots are just the main ways to either kill or immobilise a tank. There’s other components that can be damaged or destroyed. Such as the crew, the main gun, the coax, the turret ring, the tracks and the brakes. All of these being rather obvious to find with the brakes being at either end of the Transmission hitbox on each vehicle. If you can’t see any of the main weak spots try aiming where you think one of these other critical area’s might be.

Tanks can still deflect shots if at an angle. Some armour plates are up to 30mm thick and there are some overlapping plates that can give even thicker values when combined. If the shell shattered when it penetrated it won’t be able to get through a second plate.

Shells create shrapnel and spalling when they hit tanks. Which fans out in a cone shaped damage pattern. Crew are very vulnerable to this.

A reminder for Molotovs. Molotovs have to hit the rear of the tank. In order for the burning liquid to go down the radiator to heat up the engine and spark a fire. It also takes time for a molotov to destroy a tank. It firsts disables the engine after a few seconds then later blows up the tank. The crew would have likely abandoned the tank if they could.

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