BRAIN / OUT – How to Get Contraband (Faster Method)

In this guide I will tell you about the faster way to get contraband.

Faster Way to Get Contraband


Contrary to appearances, the method is easy and pleasant, all you need is only over 20 levels and 15 gold skulls. So step by step:

Step 1

First of all, you have to create a clan … this option is available from level 20 and it costs 15 gold skulls … no matter what settings, photo and name you give him, because it doesn’t matter.

Step 2

Secondly, all you need to do is pick up your daily container and deposit nuclear material on your clan account until you collect 24, then you only need to withdraw all nuclear material and buy contraband.

If you want and have the opportunity, create a clan with friends who also play, then collecting takes much less.

The method is very profitable and we don’t have to count on luck when opening the last daily container (I mean collecting yourself without your clan). This will not work because if we exceed 20 nuclear materials on our private account the next day there will not be a daily container … unless you are lucky, then you can try … good luck but you’ll find that this way is 100% effective and simpler.

If you are a fashionplayer, I recommend this method due to the fact that the contraband outfits are very cool (I personally like “Thunder”) but when it comes to weapons, I recommend you wait with it because I would recommend acquiring experience and skills.

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