Last Oasis – Beginners Tips

Things I have not seen anybody trying or doing from the videos I saw while not being able to play during the 1 week server outage.

Tips for Newbies


Last Oasis is another but with an mmo-Survival aspect to it, which I think I will enjoy. However, I noticed a bunch of features that the players who made videos that I could watch did not think of or do.

Specific Tip #1: Retract Your Wings

You can retract your wings on your walkers. This should make boarders have a much Harder time getting onto your walker. And if they do still manage to board, they will most likely be in the “Climb” animation, giving you ro anyone else one or 2 free hits on him, or kick him off.

You are slower, but harder to board.

It also puts away the wings from any damage done to it by other ranged weapons.

Specific Tip #2: Suit Your Walker Tactically to How You Will Play It

Some walkers just do not have space for everything. I recommend you decide early where and what will be made on that walker you have made with your gang.

Will you have ranged weapons aiming front, or backwards? For offencive, or defencive reasons? Will this be exclusively to store items with? A hybrid of everything?

You cannot fulfill all your wishes unless there is a walker that will give you that spark of creativity you wished for. For now, you will have to work with what you have!

Specific Tip #3: What to Put Stat Points Into (Not Damage)

Out of the 4 stats you can increase…

  • I feel like Mobility will keep early/solo Nomads alive for longer than the other 3 and provide quicker gameplay, especially in open stretches.
  • Stamina will keep you grappled, in the fight and fighting for longer, specially if you can block well.
  • Health will forgive more mistakes, or getting hit, even by ranged weapons, which you cant block.
  • Damage is the most specific, most tempting and probably the least broad stat. It only helps you in dealing damage with your melee weapons, while the other 3 helps you with many things to keep yourself alive.

I do not know how impactfull these will be compared to each other, but I am aiming my bets at Health and Mobility with a side of Stamina. Something in me says Stamina might be the best one.

Think about it, grappling around a big Walker with its wings up, nobody can catch you yet you are so masterful at swinging around with your grapple, that you swing and launch your self just right to make a melee attack on the driver zipping past him and then grappling back to the walker. Almost nothing could stop you. That skill requires the stamina stat to help you out.

General Tip #1: Focus on Staying Alive, Running Away and Blocking

Blocking seems very very important. I could go very deep into how important it is that you play around with your environment rather than simply brute forcing your way against other people.

Grapple, block and run away from anything too dangerous. However, sometimes you just cannot run and need to stay and fight. This is where I also tell you to Calm down, and get confident in blocking. If you can block all strikes against someone, you are set.

While you are running, blocking and staying alive, you will get more ideas on how to thwart the enemy, namely, figure out what is the most important action.

General Tip #2: Focus on What Is Important in an Encounter

You dont always have to fight back, nor do you have to get that one item.

Focus on what will get you out, or what wins. This is why I think walker weapons like harpoons and darts and stuff will be very very important and more valuable than melee weapons.

An important focus would be to constantly have enemies not on your walker. Another one is keeping your weapons aimed at them! Another one would be to ram another walker down a ravine etc.

The most important is, if your walker works well with all your gang in it… for the love of god, Dont abandon your walker just to board another.

Strategy Tip #1: Board Those That Chase You

With a friend by your side…

Here is a strategy if your walker does not have proper jobs for each and everyone. A little something something from Sea of Thieves.

You may want to get your “Quick Get up” upgrade for your Dinghy Walker. Preferbly perhaps on the front, its up to you. Then, while you are being chased with Wings up, you may want to have 1 or 2 people try to board the walker that is chasing you. If their wings are up, they should be able to grapple to it. Distract the enemy, make them do mistakes. The driver of your walker can then circle around to meet his friends who boarded the chasing enemy again, if they missed the Board or Not. You can give them a free passage back to your Walker for a quick escape (Or regroup) with that upgrade.This should give you more time to run away, or turn the tables and fight back.

Its stuff like that I think will win most fights.

Strategy Tip #2: Side Firing Walkers

A general build I think might be great… (Completely untested) Is a walker big enough to have weapons on its side. Perferably perhaps a harpoon rope stuck to the enemy. What it can then do is circle the enemy walker while firing WalkerDamaging weapons at its wings, legs… Whatever.

Keeping itself moving, hard to board and still firing at the enemy.

Its more of a ship strategy than a Walker strategy, not a straight forward approach but I think it can lend well against Other walkers that have front facing weapons..

The key here is being mobile while shooting. Even the people on the walker may be safer this way as it is harder for other walkers to hit you properly, heck even RAM your properly. And, you can probably fit more weapons to fire at the enemy since most walkers have a length. Ofcourse, retract the wing you need out of your way.

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