Octopath Traveler – How to Unlock Protagonist (Active Party Early)

Tweak that allows you to swap out your starting character without completing there chapter 4 story.

Unlocking Protagonist Guide

All credit goes to Kalgalath!

Modifying Save

So for some reason Square Enix chose to locks the character you start the game off with in to your active party until you finish all their story chapters 3/4 of the way through the game.

Forcing the player to be stuck with one “main” character in a game centered around telling 8 people’s individual storys seemed asinine so i quickly looked in to ways to get that one over leveled ♥♥♥ out of my party.

After following a guild on Reddit about how to change who the game thinks your starting character was i then found that they were now locking in my party and i’d need to repeat those steps the next time i wanted to swap them out. So i figure the game was just better off not knowing who i picked at all since it has literally no effect on the game that i can find.

The tweak is very simple, It only takes a small modification to a single line in your save file.

Step 1

Locate you save file.

It should be in:

  • C:Users “your name” DocumentsMy GamesOctopath_Traveler “a bunch of numbers” SaveGames

Step 2

Back up your save file.

Always before any kind of modifying and I have not yet played the entire game from start to finish with this tweak so i don’t know for %100 certainty that there isn’t some way this could cause an issue.

Step 3

Go to saveditoronline(dot)com and use it to open your save file.

Step 4

Press CTRL+f and search for the line with “FirstSelectCharacterID”.

Step 5

Change this value to “0”.

Step 6

Save file and place in your save game folder.

After that you should be good to go. The game will now let you swap your old main character out of your party at any tavern. Enjoy being able to mix and and match any combination of party members and keeping characters more evenly leveled.

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