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» » Playing History 2: Slave Trade - 100% Achievement Guide

Playing History 2: Slave Trade - 100% Achievement Guide

By Antonuuu   /   Jul 8, 2017     Guides
Playing History 2: Slave Trade - 100% Achievement Guide

This will help you get 100% in the game: Playing History 2 - Slave Trade!

Notice: Do not close the game or exit and save because you need to do all achievements in one run!

To Africa

For this you'll need to give the brandy to the captain in the first room, then give it to him. He'll then ask you to fetch him a pipe. The pipe can be found outside. Bring it back to the captain and he'll ask to talk to the other guy in the first room and after that you'll be transported outside.

When you're outside you'll need to talk to the captain who will ask you to talk to the doctor. The doctor will tell you to find his magnifying glass. And to get that you need to talk to the Mouse-character and then click on the barrel in the background.

Then you give it back to the doctor and then talk to the Captain.

Now you're ready to travel. There's a "minigame" where you use your arrow keys to navigate to Africa. Just make it there.

Now and Then

You'll arrive in Africa, and there you'll do some more quests for the captain. Talk with the mouse and get some goggles, these can make you see things that doesn't belong in the past.

Later on you'll arrive in the Chief Tribe house. There you can see an AK-47 on the right. Use your goggles on your character and then press on the AK-47.

A minigame will appear and when your done you will get the achievement.

Slave Trader

This will be awarded to you when you and your Captain is in the Chief Tribe house trading slaves, you'll be the spokesman of the Captain and you'll go serveral times between the Captain and the Tribe Chief.

When both of them accepts then you get it.

Middle Passage

When you've talked to your sister and the captain, then you'll get the quest in the bottom to speak to the captain when you're ready to help. When you're ready, speak to him and get ready to sail.

This is the same minigame that you navigate using your arrow keys, just watch out for the food timer.

Cramped Space

This should be awarded during the boat trip when you play as your sister and talk with the Slaves. Talk with some of them and then you'll get the achievement and the screen will turn back to the brother.


When you're back as the brother, talk to the captain. He'll ask you to help the doctor on the front of the boat. Go up the stairs. And then to the front of the boat. Talk to the doctor and then go back to where you came up from the stairs. Talk to the woman on the bottom right. After finding out what she has you'll need to talk to the doctor again. And then you'll get the achievement.

Tough Decisions

After doing many quests for the captain, doctor and the cook you'll see that the cook and captain are talking. Talk with both of them. If you told the cook that you'd give him the Captains drink then go down the stairs and press on the chest on the right.

Give him the drink and get the list, go then to the doctor on the front of the ship and either change the number or let it be, then tell the captain and you'll get the achievement.

Millions of Slaves

After doing the sailing minigame again you'll arrive in the "new world". You'll see a fist statue on the right. Use the goggles on your character again and press on the statue. After playing the minigame you'll get the achievement, you don't need to win to get it!

After that there is no more achievements, play on if you like.
Written by Antonuuu.