Touhou Luna Nights – Boss Rush Mode Guide (Speedrun Method)

Guide to Boss Rush Mode


Welcome to guide for speedrunning boss rush mode in Touhou Luna Nights! Following this guide can net you a boss rush time of under two minutes as long as you practice! As a disclaimer, you’re only going to get times this low if you’re level 99 and have 9999 of every gem. See guide on maxed out save file. Screw knife is allowed. General tip is to never stop time as the timer keeps rising while time is stopped. Let’s begin.

Meiling Strategy

As soon as you spawn use shield dagger and run right in front Meiling. Make sure shield dagger can touch her and use Thousand Daggers right before she spawns so she spawns inside the hit boxes. She should die almost instantly.

Tip #1

With maxed out gems you’ll certainly have fast MP regeneration, however in between boss death animations and before the next fight begins, short hop twice by flicking the jump key/button to use your double jump and drop down 2 knives. Picking these up speeds up MP regen like thrown knives do. A nice way to speed up MP regen as you will want it maxed for later.

Marisa Strategy

Double jump in the air and Thousand Daggers right before she finishes loading in. Sakuya will auto direct the knives at her when she swoops lower and you’ll kill her immediately.

Patchouli Strategy

Shield dagger and hover near her while spamming chainsaws.

Remilia Strategy

Same as Patchouli.

Nitori Strategy

Shield dagger, slow down time, and spam “BOUND KNIFE” diagonally upwards at like an 80 degree angle. Diagonally up essentially. Spam while next to Nitori’s mech as not only will the Shield Knife do damage but the Bound Knives hitboxes will come into contact with Nitori’s mech almost instantly saving time.

Tip #2

Come into this battle with 9 (the maximum) Magic Recovery stock. You’ll need them. You won’t need time or HP restore if you’re doing this right.

Flandre Strategy

Slow down time as while Flandre loads in slower you act just as fast as normal, so take this opportunity to throw as many chainsaws as you can up into her. Jumping up closer to here helps too as the chainsaws will travel a shorter distance, damaging her quicker as well as getting in more damage per second. If you do this quick enough you shouldn’t even hear the fantastic Night of Nights remix from the OST play.

Reimu Hakurei Strategy

Shield dagger and Thousand Knives right next to her like you did with Meiling. Important to note is that she has a little whip attack that comes out of the ground after your first volley of Thousand Daggers, but if you mash quick enough or press at the right time you can immediately Thousand Dagger right after your first volley. This is key as if you get hit (which is far more likely than not) you will waste time in hitstun. That extra second or so counts.

Reimu Hakurei Phase 2

Slow down time, and spam the bound knives off of the left side wall and keep slowing down time as you keep spamming. The goal here is to keep pumping out knives as fast as you can before Reimu can do anything.

And that’s it! With a little practice you can get a time below two minutes! Personally I’ve gotten down to 1:28:680 (minutes, seconds, milliseconds). The world record on is held by BaoZou_Zac at a time of 1:20:780. Hope to see you on the leaderboards!

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