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One Step From Eden - Hell Mode Levels Guide (Ascension)

Written by Xenocrace   /   Apr 8, 2020    

Here is a list of all hell mode modifiers.

Guide to Hell Mode Levels

What Is / Are Hell Modes

Hell modes are One Step From Edens version of ascension, stacking difficulty mods that you unlock by beating the previous one.

Hell Mode Modifiers

  1. Enemies start with random artifacts.
  2. More obstacles and hazards.
  3. Lower defense, no aim crosshair.
  4. Spared bosses healing halved (200 instead of 400).
  5. Max HP is reduced (75% of default).
  6. Enemies start with 2 random artifacts.
  7. Luck starts at 20 (up from 3).
  8. Enemies regenerate health.
  9. Bosses start at tier 2.
  10. Max mana reduced by 1.
  11. Hostages are evil.
  12. Shops cost more.
  13. All bosses are max tier.
  14. Start with 1 max HP.

Written by Xenocrace.