HITMAN 2 – Colorado / Easy Silent Assassin Suit Only (Professional Mode)

Here is my guide on how to play Hitman Colorado while doing Silent Assassin Suit Only. I hope this helps you guys. This is how i got the special suit. I do not know if this works for Master Mode but you can try.

Gear You Need

The requirement items:

  • A Kalmer1 Tranquilizer (Pistol)
  • A Quiet Sniper (I used Sieger 300 ghost)
  • Water Tower Starting Location

Note: I dont know if you need a Kalmer but i used it and it made it a hell of a lot easier. 

Here is my load out and also if you look at my suit there is evidence that i got Silent Assassin Suit Only because I unlocked the special suit.

Getting Rid of Annoying Guards

So when you spawn the water tower is connected to a roof with 2 guards on it. This is why i took the Kalmer so i dont have to risk getting spotted with my back turned. Quickly Tranquilize both guards from the water tower. Dump them into the box on the roof. Do this quickly. Its easy to do it around the time the map just starts. tranquilize the one standing than the one sitting.

Target – Sean Rose

So I would do Sean first because his movement pattern changes. At some point around the beginning he will goto talk with another target in the big barn. Save right before he starts walking in so you can have multiple shots at this. Shoot down this haybale so it falls and drops on him resulting in a accident kill. Thats Rose down.

Target – Ezra Berg

For this one you have to look at the main house. As show in this picture theres a thing in instinct that glows yellow. Make sure Ezra is not near it. Save your game. Shoot it in different areas until it is no longer yellow. If it takes too many bullets or attracts to much attention you can load again and just get the spot you found last time.

Now you can leave that because Ezra will go smoke a cigarette and die in a accident.

Target – Maya Parvati

This ones a little complicated.

Look at the van below. Shoot its engine with no one around. Maya will eventually walk by and go talk to a guard on your right. save when she starts finishing the conversation.

She will then start walking back past the van. When she does wait until shes just slightly infront of the van from your view. Shoot the board under the van so she hears it and goes to inspect it.

If she sends a guard reload. If she walks around the front of the van reload. She must walk around the back of the van. When shes directly behind the van shoot the engine again. That will cause an explosion that will kill her in a accident kill. If you did it right pavati should be outta your way.

Target – Penelope Graves

This one I saved for last because its the weirdest one. There are 2 ways to kill Penelope. (That i tried on 2 different runs).

Way #1: Non Accident But Body Hidden

On Penelopes route she walks alone into the green house. When she does that do not shoot her yet. She will walk farther into the green house into the back room of the green house the room will be aimed at in the image below. When she does save then snipe her. Some guard is gonna hear and investigate.

Find out which guard is going to her and shoot a bullet a few feet behind the guard to distract him and you will be fine. Make sure he gets distracted by the bullet.

If its marked as bullet impact noticed drop your sniper and hide against the wall of the water tower. Make a save here but do not over write your last save make a separate save just in case. Wait for searching to end and your good. Continue to the section after kill her way 2 for a guide out.

Way #2: Accident But Risky

On her way to the green house she will check in the food area. She will walk close to a gas can without her guards.

Time your shots right so when she is next to the can you shoot it twice it explodes and she dies in a accident.

What happend for me is bullet impact noticed as she died.

So make sure you had no non target kills then drop your sniper and hide against the wall of the water tower until everything blows over if this happens to you.

Easy Escape

After everything settles down and such you should take the closet escape which is the boat escape.

Climb down from the water tower. Save if you haven’t. Go down the stairs from the roof and turn around. There should be a exit there. Sneak your way there making sure no guards are looking.

Theres barely any guards that could possibly be there i do not even know if there is a guardd there. I did not see one on my attempt but look around just incase. When its open run to the door which you do not need to lock pick because its always unlocked.

Then take the boat out of here and you have done it! You have silent assassin suit only Colorado on professional mode and maybe got that amazing suit you get. Enjoy it.

Note that im wearing a disguise because i already finished my run of this mission and just wanted to show the location.

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