Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Fast Skill Progression

This guide explain how to increase skill fast.

Guide to Fast Skill Progression

All credit goes to One Winged Angel!


  • One Handed
  • Two Handed
  • Polearm

  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Throwing

  • Riding
  • Athletics
  • Smithing

  • Scouting
  • Tactics
  • Roguery

  • Charm
  • Leadership
  • Trade

  • Steward
  • Medicine
  • Engineering

How to Increase Fast

One Handed, Two Handed and Polearm

  • When you siege a castle or city, build a battering ram. After destroying the door, the enemy usually stands there in a square formation. The men at the side usually wont attack you so you have a fast kill rate.

Bow and Crossbow

  • Sieges. Build a battering ram. Enemies will wait in the court without doing anything. When you stand on the wall you have the high ground and can easily aim at their heads even at great distance. More distance + headshot = more exp.


  • Didnt test it, but throwing rocks down a wall when your castle is besieged seems to give insanely good exp.


  • During a siege battle, order your troops to retreat, then put something on your “a” and “w” key and be afk for some time.


  • Same as for Riding, but unfortunately you cant walk in circles without manuelly intervention. Ive not tested yet wether walking against a wall works.


  • All of the the perks “Steel Maker” are the way to go. Massive exp (better let a companion learn the “curious” perks. Smelting doesnt give as much exp.).


  • Assign yourself the clan role of scout and whenever you discover a hideout you gain scout xp. If you see a bandit, then theres probably a hideout nearby.


  • When you’re in an army and in a fight controlling a group of soldiers, telling them to do things like change formation might raise it.
  • Winning battles if you are outnumbered.


  • Raiding villages.
  • Sell prisoners.


  • If you lead your own kingdom, earning influence with the policy “council of commons” is very easy. You can use this influence to increase the influence of a clan in your kingdom. This increases your charm skill very fast. An own kingdom is not necessary, however you need at least a few fiefs to earn enough influence to make this effective.
  • Let enemy lords flee after you won the battle.
  • Join armies, talk with generals daily, give them cheap items or money.


  • Try to lead an army of your companion parties as much as possible. Its free anyway.


  • Buy goods and sell for a profit. You can use workshops to increase demand for a good in a town. Coast towns often make salt that inland towns buy. Towns surrounded by trees make hardwood that some desert towns buy for a lot. There’s a town in the north that buys horses for a lot. Towns right next to mountains can make possibly both iron and silver ore that towns with no mountains by them might buy for a profit.


  • Very easy to progress if you rule your own kingdom and therefore have a lot of fiefs for your own. Build as much projects as possible and spend money to boost building time. (Money is kinda useless in end game anyhow)


  • Put your expensive troops in a garrison and recruit cheap troops. Assign yourself as a surgeon and simulate fights against weak enemies like bandits or looters. Do not recruit to many men so that more get wounded. Then heal them in settlements.


  • When a faction is nearly eliminated, buy a lot of food and siege a castle as long as possible.
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