DOOM Eternal – How to Recognize Tentacle Placement

Quick guide on how to detect where you can expect to run into a Tentacle, how to distinguish dormant and occupied burrow holes aswell as underwater and slime hidden ones.

Guide to Recognize Tentacle Placement

Basic Intel

Tentacles are an ambient enemy found in a couple of levels throughout the game (most notably “Hell on Earh”, “Exultia”, “Super Gore Nest”, “Mars Core”).

For the most part they’re harmless but in some circumstances they might deal a decent amount of damage, especially on higher difficulties such as Nightmare. Their placement in the world is pre-defined and NOT random, so it is possible to memorize the patterns and remember where you can expect one to be waiting for you to come by for whacking. He point of this guide is to let you know of a few simple marks which can make it easier for you to recognize exactly where each tentacle will be.

Burrowing Holes

In most cases Tentacles will be hiding in a little burrowing holes which are pretty easily noticable. However, there are a few things that can giveaway whether the specific point is going to have a Tentacle hiding in it or not.

In case of burrowing holes, they emit red volumetric light out of them. The ones which are glowing stronger have high chance of having a Tentacle hiding in it, while the ones which are not glowing or glowing very faintly have near zero chance of housing a Tetnacle in it.

Video example:

Slime / Underwater Tentacles

The trickiest and most threatening Tentacles are the ones hiding under the water or slime. While it is a lot more difficult to tell where exactly one will be hiding, it is still possible to distinguish the exact point of residence.

The underwater Tentacle spawn point can be recognized by a particle effect akin to one lightly spewing out water / slime. The shallower the area is, the easier it is to notice it but in some cases the levels of water or slime may be high enough for it be well covered, so it may require decent perception on your end in order to notice it. Note that slime also spawns big bubbles across its surface, which may further cover up the smaller effect caused by the Tentacle spawn point.

Video example

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