Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Quick Tips to Easily Win Tournaments

A few short tips that can make winning tournaments much easier.

How to Win Tournaments

Quick Tips

  1. In 1v1v1v1 fights you can maneuver around so that your enemies fight each other before fighting you. When the enemies are fighting, you can hit them evenly so that you have an easy fight once one of them wins. If the enemies fighting are of different threat (say one is a cataphract and the other an archer without armor) than attack the more armored one.
  2. It’s best to eliminate “heavy” troops and lords first. Lords are by far the most dangerous, as they have quite OP armor and are fast with their sword.
  3. In large team battles (like 4v4v4v4) it is prudent to see which teams are most dangerous and (works best if you spawn as a horseman) pick off soldiers to keep other teams weaker than yours.
  4. When fighting heavily armored opponents, it is better to use attacks aimed at the head as they cause by far the most damage. You can also notice that side attacks can “bounce” off enemies armor dealing only a few points of damage and not stopping an enemies attack (which can yield more). This is very realistic but it means you have to watch out how you attack as even an attack dealing damage can cause more damage to you than your enemy.


This video illustrates some of the tactics described:

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