Monster Hunter: World – How to Unlock Secret Elder Dragon Kirin

Tutorial for unlocking the secret elder dragon Kirin in Monster Hunter: World.

Guide to Unlocking Secret Elder Dragon Kirin

Smart Bio (Astera)

  • Talk to the smart Bio npc in Astera and he’ll give you a list of quests.
  • You will be returning to this npc five times.
  • Each capture quest gets harder.

List of capture quests:

  • Snatch the snatcher.
  • Landing the landslide wyvern.
  • White monster for a white coat.
  • Mans best friend.

Hunt quests:

  • B in the field of fire.
  • Gone in a flash.

Snatch the Snatcher

The smart bio npc will give you the first quest ‘Snatch the snatcher’. Accept the quest and follow the rules.

Hunt the monster down.

Capture it with a trap.

Landing the Landslide Wyvern

After Snatch the snatcher he’ll give this quest.

Hunt the monster.

Capture it.

White Monster for a White Coat

This is the third quest you must complete.

Hunt the monster.

Capture the monster.

Mans Best Friend

The fourth capture quest you must do.

Hunt the monster.

Capture the monster.

B in the Field of Fire

  • The fifth and last quest he’ll give you.
  • You don’t have to capture this one.
  • So just kill it.

Kill the monster.

Gone in a Flash

Instead of talking to the Smart bio npc head over to the right and talk to this npc for the final quest.

She’ll give you the Kirin quest gone in a flash.

Hunt the beast.

Slay the beast.

Report back to the lady and you’ll get the thunder mantle.


  • You now have the ability to farm this quest as much as you like in the optional quests.
  • You can farm the armour if you desire.
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