Octopath Traveler – Unlocking Starting Character from Party (Fixed)

Allows you to swap your starting character out of your active party.

How to Unlock Starting Character

Modifying Save File

Urgent: If you followed the original version of this guide and changed your FirstSelectedCharacterID to “0” YOUR SAVE IS BROKEN. That line of code will no longer be in your save file and you can not change the value back. I will make a guide to fix this soon.

So for some reason Square Enix chose to locks the character you start the game off with in to your active party until you finish all their story chapters 3/4 of the way through the game.

The tweak is very simple, It only takes a small modification to a single line in your save file.

Currently i am testing 2 methods of this tweak both ways have stuff at the bottom you need to keep in mind when you start doing chapter 4 story quests.

1. Locate you save file

Should be in:

  • [C:Users “your name” DocumentsMy GamesOctopath_Traveler “a bunch of numbers” SaveGames].

2. Back up your save file!

Always back up before any kind of modifying and I have not yet played the entire game from start to finish with this tweak so i don’t know for %100 certainty that there isn’t some way this could cause an issue.

3. Go to saveditoronline(dot)com and use it to open your save file

4. Press CTRL+f and search for the line with “FirstSelectCharacterID”

5. Change this value to match who you want your new “main” character to be.

Note that the new character you select will now me locked in your party.

  • 0 – For the love of god never put zero.
  • 1 – Olberic.
  • 2 – Tressa.
  • 3 – Cyrus.
  • 4 – Primrose.
  • 5 – Haanit.
  • 6 – Therion.
  • 7 – Ophilia.
  • 8 – Alfyn.


  • 9 – Nobody*

6. Save file and place in your save game folder

The game will now let you swap your old main character out of your party at any tavern.

Note: I would advise against completing multiple characters chapter 4 storys with them set as “main”. example: Don’t finish Cyrus’s chapter 4 with him as your main then switch Haanit to your main and beat her chapter 4. I have not tested this and i don’t know what could happen. Your computer could explode or maybe your eyes will melt, either way not worth it.

*If you change your ID to 9 you will be able swap party members freely without any of them being locked in to your party. At some point you will need to change the ID to match a character of your choosing and beat that characters chapter 4 story mission to trigger credits and final boss. you can change it back to 9 afterwords if it suits you.

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