Tower Unite – How to Get 600 Tickets in Little Birde Feeder

Here is the fastest way to consistently get 600 tickets in Little Birde Feeders IMO.

Guide to Get 600 Tickets Everytime

Step 1

Grab the ball and fully charge the ball by holding the left mouse button.

Step 2

Cover up one of the circle that I circled in red with your fully charged ball (Depending on server the power throw could change)

Like this (It doesn’t have to be covered exactly like how you see in this image).

Step 3

Throw the ball when the basket is going up (Don’t throw when you see the basket going back down).

Step 4

Repeat that 5 times and you should get 2500 points.

After that throw away the rest of your balls.

Step 5

Congrats you have won 600 tickets!

If You Miss Your Shot

If you miss your shot and get some point you can still get 500 ticket if you are able to throw total of 5 balls in to the bird.


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