Starbound – The Ancient Tablet Guide

This guide will explain the stone shards found in the Ancient Gateways. 

Explaining Guide to Stone Shards


This is more of an “I did the work so you don’t have to.” kind of thing, but I will explain where to obtain the tools to find and translate these shards, as well as provide a warning to those of you that want to figure out what these shards say on your own. If you don’t want to do all of that and just want to know what these shards say it will be at the end of this guide.

The Ancient Text

After you defeat The Ruin, a cloaked stranger in the Outpost will trade you keys to Ancient Gateways. You may have come across some of these already during your travels to complete the main story. They are shown in your ship’s navigation as a “Gateway”.

Many things lie within these Ancient Gateways. Near the entrance, there will be one of six different Stone Shards from a large Stone Tablet. However the shards are covered in runes that you are unable to read. To translate them you will need a codex called “The Ancient Alphabet”.

To obtain this codex, you must take two items to Treasured Trophies in the Outpost.

Once you learn the codex and trade with the stranger for some gateway keys you have all you need to is find and translate the six different shards. The shards are generated at random so it may take some time to track all six of them down.

Warning: Spoilers Beyond This Point

This is the point where anyone that doesn’t want to spoil what this tablet says for himself/herself should leave. This is the only warning.

The Shattered Tablet: Reassembled and Translated

After translating the shards using the codex, you just need to piece the text together in the correct order.

The full tablet looks like this:

The full text reads:

We advanced as we were designed. We reached the Great Kind One. It warned us of the final plague. The threat to all that thrive. The Great One had a plan. A door of keys for the chosen, but we were builders not heroes. In the event that the plan failed, we carved the infinite sanctuary to salvage what little life we could. We are destined to not remain. As is the Great Kind One. Its legacy will be its remnants, and ours shall be our temples.

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