Fallout 76 – Atom Management Guide

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This guide is to help players get the most out of the game in regards to gaining and managing their atoms.

Earn Free Atoms

Players can earn free atoms from various in-game challenges:

  • Daily, Weekly, Character, Survival, Combat Social, World.

Daily and weekly are the only challenges that require players to actively complete on a daily and weekly basis. All other challenges are not time-limited, so there’s no completion deadline. However, they can only be completed once.

Challenge Photo Examples:

Atomic Shop Purchasing Guide

This atomic shop purchasing guide is to help players who are unfamiliar with how the atomic shop works, to gain an upper hand in regards to atom management.

Many items within the Atomic Shop are included in bundles. These items are periodically sold separately from their bundles. I’d advise players to never buy individual items from the Atomic Shop before first checking if the desired item belongs to a bundle. This is because if you purchase an item that is part of a bundle, the item cost will not be deducted from the bundle price and you will be forced to pay for the item twice if you later decide to buy the bundle.

That said, I advise players to always check the fallout bundle wiki page 1st before buying individual items from the Atomic Shop.

Important Notes & Tips:

  • An important feature you’ll want to utilize when visiting the FO76 Atomic Shop Bundle wiki page is to use CTRL + F. This will allow you to find key words or phrases quicker. Remember to always scroll to the bottom of the page before using CTRL + F. This allows the page to fully load.
  • Always remember that bundles will give you the best bang for you atoms. This is because when you purchase a bundle, the items from a bundle are cheaper than what they’d cost if purchased individually.

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