Receiver 2 – How to Survive Threat Echoes

Survival Guide


A Threat Echo is when you pick up a tape that causes you to shoot yourself. If you pick up a regular tape and the voice clip sounds distressed and suicidal, it is a Threat Echo. It will also give an on-screen text warning near the end of the tape, but do not wait for text or it will likely be too late. When you pick up the tape, quickly empty your firearm of all ammunition. A holstered firearm will be un-holstered and must be unloaded.


  • R to open cylinder.
  • V to dump cartridges.

Opening cylinder is not enough, you will die if the cylinder isn’t completely empty.


  • E to remove magazine.
  • R to eject cartridge from chamber.

Activating safety does not help, gun must have an empty chamber. (maybe magazine loaded but empty chamber is ok?).

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