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Stellaris - Useful Tips and Tricks (Tutorial Doesn't Cover)

Written by Fedrick1   /   Updated: April 16, 2020    

This guide will aim to teach you basic information that isn't readily apparent. This guide assumes you own all the DLC. Most should still apply even if you don't.

Tips and Tricks for All Players


  • You can only colonize within your own territory.
  • Don't be afraid to go over fleet size max to win wars. You can downsize after you win.
  • You have to conquer every star system and colonies in those star systems that you claim in order to force a surrender (technically if you get the score high enough you might be able to get away with not conquering all of them, but it's less likely). Otherwise you will settle out with a white peace.
  • You can tell which systems you have fully conquered by seeing a 'X' like marking on that star system. If it's a system in enemy territory that has your empire's markings but doesn't have an X like shape, it means there's still planets you need to conquer with armies.
  • On that note, make some armies before you start the war, and only send them in when you have secured the star system and can make sure no other ships can take them out (they die very very easily to ships).
  • Influence is really important. It is just as essential as energy credits or minerals.
  • Get variety of weapons on your ships.
  • Purging all the pop from a planet uncolonizes it. Oops.
  • Explore the galaxy! Building a second science ship immediately and recruiting a new scientist is a smart way to start the game.
  • You don't have to modifiy your entire species with bio upgrades/mech points.
  • The little number at the top of a planet's overview screen is it's size, which is how many districts you can build.
  • Enslaving lesser species can make other civs mad. Be aware.
  • Federations do help. But they are not to be relied on by the AI. Your AI ally is not as competent of a commander as you are. Do not trust it to save your ♥♥♥.
  • Keep your fleet docked at a station with a crew quarters when not at war.
  • Get lots of science all the time no matter your play style.
  • The bigger ship usually wins. You can google meta ship designs, but a huge fleet of nothing but battleships is hard to beat.
  • Make sure you have a mixture of weapons on your ships. Half railguns, half lasers, is the most basic combo out there and is really strong.
  • The endgame crisis is not to be taken lightly. It is a crisis of great magnitude.
  • Do not have touching borders with a militant isolationist fallen empire, or any fallen empire really...
  • Marauder clans can turn into Khanates that will be very tough to beat. Be ready for that.
  • A 'skull' icon on a ship means its worth about 20-30k fleet power. If you don't feel confident you can beat it, inspect it and see what armor/weapons it uses. Then you can build a ship to counter it. 
  • Machine Empires are good for beginners, they have a slow start for populations need to be built, but reach repeating technology faster than any other empire and can create Machine worlds that are the best at resource production. Good species to practice empire management.
  • Building a ton of districts/buildings 'in advance' can really screw up your planet (building a single district early on a ringworld will usually do this), remember to disable them until they're needed if you do so (accuracy varies depending on what's built, open job slots, etc).Go to ship designer at the start of the game, click your corvette design, uncheck autocomplete designs.

Written by Fedrick1.

Game:   Stellaris