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140 - How to Beat Level 4's Boss!

Written by Hyperfenix   /   Jul 9, 2017    
140 - How to Beat Level 4's Boss!

How to beat the bonus boss in 140!

Basic Mechanics

  • You will flip gravity whenever the boss is hit by your little laser beam.
  • Every phase needs 3 moving shots then 1 shot from the center of the arena.

Phase #1

This is the simplest phase. As soon as you hit the stationary boss in black and white, the music and color will pop in as you go up and you should immediately run to the right. Stay there and track the boss with your eyes to attack, and you will be flipped again but as it happens run to the left, then slowly adjust yourself to hit the boss. One more hit on the right, then move to the middle, hit the boss and MOVE! If you don't move you will die from the gravity switch.

Phase #2

This phase introduces rhythmic death static. (Is that what its called?) As long as you moved right in the transition from this phase to the next, you should be good to attack. Follow this pattern from the start: (Right, Left, Right, Center) to get to the next phase. If you miss no shots on the boss you should always be safe to walk on where the static should be.

Phase #3

The Hardest Phase. I can only give tips for this one, I have beaten it, but not very quickly. I can only say for the first 2 moves you go left then right. After the right shot, you go between the enemy and the wall, which is fairly difficult. Just know that it only fires enemies from the left and right sides of its 'body' so you're always safe if you run under the mini static circles and the boss itself.

Written by Hyperfenix.

Game:   140