Monster Hunter: World – How to Unlock All Palico Gadgets

Tutorial for unlocking all Palico gadgets in Monster Hunter: World.

Guide to Unlocking Palico Gadgets


This one is default and needs no unlock.

Flashfly Cage

Head over to the Ancient forest. You will need to reach an area near section 17.

I have the Ancient forest camp already built for fast travel.

You will need to find the cats near this location and follow them to the camp. The scout flies will show you the location. You can mark them on the map.

Look for the cat symbol on the map and follow them.

At the camp they will give the flash fly cage.


Head over to the wildspire waste.

You will need to head over to a cave at this location.

Enter and a new camp site will be ready for construction. Build the camp and return and you’ll see some cats.

The main cat leader will give you a quest of bagging cats on the map with the capture net. You must catch three cats and return to him.

Use the map and mark them for tracking. He will give the shield.

Coral Orchestra

Head over to the Coral highlands.

You will need to patrol sections five and ten for cats riding on lizards. It may take some time in these two areas but they will show up eventually.

I was stupid enough to forget i killed them already and kept looking for them.

Once you have found cats on lizards in these sections, kill them and a quest will be added once you visit this location on the map and talk to them.

Troubled troopers

Complete this quest which is very easy and you’ll get the gadget. Either return to the spot with the cats or it will auto transport to them.


Head over to the rottenvale.

You’ll need:

  • Raw meat.
  • Patience.
  • Find the corpse.

You will need to find a large dead corpse of a legiana bird in section 8.

A red Odogaron will appear and slowly drag the corpse away over time. You must let it drag it back to it’s base in section 13.

Once the Odogaron leaves it’s base, you can go in and you’ll find the cats in sector 13. The cats will run off and you’ll need to chase after them to a location you can find on the map.

Once you chase after them you must wait until one cat comes out and drop a piece of raw meat. The cats will all join in and eat the raw meat and you can pounce on them.

They’ll give you the plunder blade for the work.

Meowlotov Cocktail

Note: In order to have the quest appear for the Meowlotov cocktail you must have all the other gadgets unlocked for use first.

Speak to the researcher who should now have a quest in Astera or seliana. He’ll give you the quest for finding Gajalaka drawings.


The researcher will always be standing next to a doodle when you see him around. Open the map and see if you can spot him. For the locations of the doodles use Youtube.

What the drawings look like.

You need to find ten of these.

Returning quest

Once you have ten drawings found return to the researcher and he’ll give another quest for sneaking into the Gajalaka base at night.

You will need:

  • Ghillie mantle.
  • Night time.

Elders recess

Head to the researchers location on the map in the Elders recess at night and he’ll tell you that you must sneak into their base without being seen.

Use the Ghillie mantle for stealth and just run past them.

Go into the hole in their base and they’ll give the Meowlotov cocktail.

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