One Step From Eden – Switchbait Is Life Build

In this guide, I will teach you how to hit like a freight train and tank like a …tank.

SwitchBait and Fate Shield Build 

Choosing Your Character

To start off, you will have to choose a character.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose but someone who starts off with a high damaging spell helps.

Some examples are:

  • Saffron – Solo.
  • Selicy – Snow.
  • Terra – Break.
  • Violette – Doubletime.
  • Shopkeeper – Money.

Choosing Your Spells

You will require 3 main spells for this build:


Fate Shield

And any high damaging spell that you can easily acquire:

In order to do this, you will need to search for whichever spell you do not currently have from your starting kit via the deck focus area.

After any engagement, you can hit the “start” button and scroll over to the “?” under the word “Focus”. From there you can choose which spell brand you want to focus on receiving from battles.

You will receive the targeted spell brand more often, but not always! So keep going at it until you have all 3 cards and start removing all the other cards from your deck whenever possible.


You will only need to upgrade Switchbait and Fate Shield.

Focus on getting these upgrades:

  • Doublecast, +Mana cost.
  • Apply Fragile on hit.

Other upgrades are useful as well, but I’ve found these are the primary upgrades you should go for first.


From here, you either cast Fate Shield or Switchbait, then the other, shuffle, repeat.

If done correctly, you will hit 2000+ damage and gain 400 shield with every cycle.


  1. Getting Explosion and Lifesword isn’t actually easy, as they are rarity 4, so only come at relatively high luck, usually.
  2. You can upgrade your high damage spell to have more damage, double damage in particular, as you don’t care if it gains “Double damage, consume” as you never cast it anyway.
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