Cyrano Story – Comprehensive Achievement Guide

Here you can find 100% achievement guide.

How to Obtain All Achievements



  • “Sleep”
  • Either “Yes” or “No”


  • Habitual sleeplessness.

On the Edge

  • “Photon Sphere”


  • A state of intense joy.


  • “Cell”
  • “Yes”


  • Irrational suspicion.


  • “Bury”


  • Auditory hallucination.

Mental Breakdown

  • “Ra”


  • Paranormal language skills.

Higher Plane

  • “Filth”


  • A distressing experience.


Type “Manticore” in any level.


  • Securing The Future and Improving The Present.

Type “Yes” at the beginning of the last level (Higher Plane).

Anger the Gods

  • You have chosen poorly.

Type 50 wrong answers in any level.

Tried Everything

  • Type 50 wrong answers.

Complete the game in more than 79 seconds.


  • Finish the game in 79 seconds.

Complete the game at least seven times.


  • Finish the game 7 times.

Complete the game on October 31st (the year doesn’t matter). However, if you change your computer’s system time the year shouldn’t be too far off in the past or future. Currently, only 2019 works.


  • Finish the game on Halloween.

Start the game during the year 2063. Note: If you change your computer’s system time the game will throw an error, but the achievement will still unlock. If you can’t set the year to 2063 in the first place, set the year to 2050, confirm and then set it to 2063.

Time Capsule

  • Feeling nostalgic.
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