Osiris: New Dawn – Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s guide for version 0.1.131 from a player new to Osiris.

New Game Settings

You can change whatever settings you want, but one setting I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you change is “Monsters”. I suggest changing that from “Dangerous” to “Casual”. On dangerous I was dying all the time. On casual I can still die, but isn’t as often.

You can also turn them off, but other users have noted that they can be a good source of xp and resources. It all depends on your preference. Don’t expect to have anything better than your knife or a rock for a while.

Initial Spawn

When you first spawn, you will be near a crashed ship with a dust storm around you ala The Martian. You are informed your suit is breeched and oxygen is low.

The first thing I saw when I first played were items scattered about. Of course! I thought, it was a race to find the right item and use it to stop from losing all my air. Bandages. Nope. o2! Great! I can stay alive a bit longer…

Suffice it to say I died shortly. I quickly looked in my inventory but didn’t see anything useful. On one of my next attempts I noticed one of the inventory slots on my character was blinking. This was the patch tape I had been looking for. Valuable lesson learned.

Equipped items do not show up in your inventory, but only in your equipped slots.

*So. Upon spawn, scroll to your patch tape in you action/inventory slot and use it, or from inventory right click on it in your action bar and right click bring up options on how to use it.

Crash Site

After you patch your suit, don’t leave the crash area. You can actually harvest some of your ship. I wouldn’t be telling you this necessairily, but if you save and resume, the ship – and all the items you need to harvest from it will be gone.

Select you pick/hammer and swing at panels. Pieces will come off that you can gather. This can be done on all 3 portions of the ship and some of the stand alone parts.

NOTE: Don’t be surprised if creatures appear while doing this. It can be difficult to fight them, so either fight or use your jetpack to get on top of a module, or take shelter in one partially deconstructed.


The only structures you can build initally are huts made from crash debris, or monster parts. Obviously you have to fight monsters to get parts, which can be long and annoying. The best course is to use parts to make a shelter.

You should be able to establish a hut nearby. When picking places you want these nearby:

  • Tree with sap
  • Banana leaves
  • Trees with berries
  • Rocks
  • Base resource rocks

You also will need some open space for anything else you may want to build.

This will allow you to progress, research and build without too much difficulty. From what I’ve read you should be able to dismantle your hut and move it if needed, but you’ll lose some resources every time. I have not yet tried this.


You will need either a “bashing rock” or your mining hammer. Whatever tool you use will slowly degrade, so be prepared with a backup. You will need a supply of “rock” to craft bashing rocks.

NOTE: It has been my experience that mining will often cause monsters to either 1)Spawn near you or 2) be drawn to you. I’m unsure which happens, or if it may be both, but the end result is the same. You will be attacked while trying to mine.

Your scanner wil give you basics of the mineral types. Such as:

  • Base resource
  • Precious metal

I think as you level up mining you get more specific and will be told more specifics about resources. You can then point to a rock and see it say things like:

  • Iron
  • Aluminum

Note: Plutonium is required for the forge and oven. I haven’t had much trouble finding enough for the oven. It seems there is a chance they show up in base resources.

Death & Respawning

Some important notes about dying and respawning. When you die, you will respawn at the crash site. If you loaded your game, this will just be a section of desert.

It is CRITICAL that you get to your corpse soon if you had anything important on you when you died. From what others players have said, you have 10 minutes to get back to it before it (and ALL your items that you were carrying) vanish.

You should be able to change your spawn location once you craft a bed, but you need a habitate before you can craft a bed…. and that’s a bit off.

Combat, XP and Skills

Obviously fighting will get you combat xp. Mining and crafting/building get you science and engineering xp. One fun fact you may have noticed is that picking up rocks gets you a small amount of combat xp.

Each level you go up, you can allocate to stats like you did when you started. You can increase strength, speed, stamina and health.

When deciding which options to unlock, be sure to unlock those you can use. My first game there was a mission that said to build a forge, but I had already spent my points on a different path. The few that I would say are most important so far are:

  • Combat: Bashing rock, Oven, Work Bench.
  • Engineering: Pipe, Chisel, Depository, Glass container.
  • Science: Flare, Forge.


It has been said that this should wait til later when you have a base established and all of that. I couldn’t wait so I did this before I was really ready. Several things to consider:

Time to base (or time from spawn to your body) to recover anything you want.

IF you even want to explore with items. You could leave all your items and run off. If you die, you’re just close to home.

Spending the night on high points that need your rockets to boost to are in my experience safe places to spend the night.

Also note that your scanner will indicate monsters – type, level and distance. However, you will often see monsters in the distance before your scanner can see them.

Day & Night

I’m sure you’ve noticed the day and night cycle. It equates to about 15minutes of daylight and 15 of night. As you might expect, it is very hard to see at night. The light on your helmet hardly helps, and monsters seem to be more abundant and roam. It is best to stay in a shelter, or if none is available to rocket to a high pinnacle where you will have less a chance of an encounter.

Hunger Thirst Etc

You get hungry and thirsty as time goes on. Some food gives you healing and food, some just food, and some other combos.

You can drink:

  • Water
  • Tree Sap

You can eat:

  • Ration packs
  • Monster meat
  • Fruit

Please note, that to drink or collect water you need a glass container. Until you can craft one you must make sure to hold on to your starter container at all costs. I have not found a way to get water aside from this container (and any small amount gained from food).

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