Circle Empires Rivals – How to Obtain Yearly Bonus Achievement

This guide explains how to get one of the hardest and rarest achievements in the game, Yearly Bonus.

Yearly Bonus Achievement Guide

How to Setup

To get this achievement, you’re going to need lots of two things – time and resources. You’ll also need a friend, as this strategy is only possible in co-op. When me and my friend pulled off this strategy, we used a medium map on normal with 5000 bonus resources and unlimited things per circle, along with both playing as Science Society, and I recommend using that for good results.

Claim Every Circle

I recommend having each player claim half the circles, split down the middle.

Start Gaining Tons of Resources

If you play with unlimited things per circle, you can fill a single circle with a large amount of foresters, banks, haste temples, etc., along with tons of princes. Along with this, getting resource upgrades helps to boost efficiency. Pictured below is an example of a circle gaining thousands of resources.

Getting Your XP Gainer

To get the max amount of bonus levels, you need a good unit to do so. This step is the reason you should play as the Science Society, as the Golem is the ideal unit to gain XP by the thousands. The Golem deals splash damage, meaning it can hit tons of units at a time, gaining XP for every unit it hits. Place Golems until you get one with the Personal Buff of -20% XP needed to maximize yields.

Getting a Circle Set Up

Finally, you need a circle for the Golem to exist in. The picture below shows everything you’ll need to help out the Golem on it’s journey to max bonus levels:

  • Medic Tents – Keep the Golem’s health up.
  • Max Level Wall – Keeps your friend’s troops from getting into the circle and hurting the golem.
  • Haste Temples – Helps the Golem escape quicker if it’s getting hurt too quickly.
  • Fury Mages – Lets the Golem attack faster to keep XP gain high.
  • War Witch – Also helps the Golem attack faster.

How to Perform

To actually perform the strategy and start leveling up, have one friend create tons of Golem Workers, as were seen in the last screenshot, and click to have them start moving into the circle where the other friend’s Golem is. Once they reach an area where the Golem can hit them, press E to make the workers hold position and stop attacking. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work, and the workers will keep attacking, but if this happens and the Golem gets to low health just move the Golem and the Golem Workers back into their respective circles to heal.

Higher Levels

Eventually the Golem will get too strong for just workers, and the XP gained from the Golem Workers dying isn’t going to be enough to keep leveling up. When this happens, I recommend switching to using Sword Prodigies instead of Golem Workers. Sword Prodigies give more XP when they are killed, and by this point the Golem should be strong enough to be able to take hits from them.

Final Words

If you make sure to keep the Golem’s health high and keep sending in units for it to smack, the you’ll eventually end up getting the Golem up to the maximum bonus level and secure the Yearly Bonus achievement.

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