Dragon Marked For Death – Cheat Sheet for Witch

Cheat Sheet

Note that Y = X X=Y A=B B=A.

You can power up spells twice if you have enough Piety but binding to an element improves that cause then one power up gives 2 spell level ups so you can burst out a lvl 3 spell with one power up^^

  • Please note that most of the time its not really needed to Power Up a spell ^^.
  • And alway Store a basic Spell 4x A/X/Y/B.
  • Pressing B before a spell actives Dragon Force wich allowsyouto spam a stored spell rapidly but uses up dragon Force Quickly.
  • Vs Bosses Learn the Pattern and use Levitate to evade spells.

  • Null None Basic orb of light cast horizontally PUP: Spread.
  • Null Condense Large ball of light swirls in the direction cast, slowly PUP: Larger.
  • Null Homing Orbs of light appear and target nearest enemy PUP: Additive.

  • Nature None Parabolic curve upward of miniature tornados PUP: Additive.
  • Nature Condense Tornado centered on caster PUP: Larger.
  • Nature Homing Tornado centered on visible target, on level ground (If standing on a platform above an enemy, will occasionally not target properly) PUP: Larger.

  • Fire None Horizontally fired flame bursts PUP: Larger.
  • Fire Condense Meteors fall in the direction cast PUP: Additive/ Larger.
  • Fire Homing Large ball of fire swirls in the direction cast, slowly PUP: Larger.

  • Ice None Horizontally sends an ice sphere, that shatters into ice shrapnel 5 paces out. PUP: Larger.
  • Ice Condense Drops an iceberg from the ceiling, that shatters into shrapnel when connecting with the ground PUP: Larger.
  • Ice Homing Ice shards appear above, and target nearest visible enemy PUP: Additive.

  • Thunder None Vertical lightning strike, 4 paces from caster PUP: Additive.
  • Thunder Condense Random streaks of lightning spark from fingertips in the direction cast PUP: Larger.
  • Thunder Homing Lightning orbs appear and target nearest enemy PUP: Additive/ Larger.

  • Heal None Heal centers on caster PUP: Potency.
  • Heal Condense Creates a healing circle that lasts 5 seconds PUP: Potency.
  • Heal Homing Creates healing circles that target all visible allies PUP: Potency.

50 PIE 19INT Lv. 100 Named Ogre Fight (Solo) Boss Fight begins 3:26

Note that you can see that he has so much PIE that he can store lvl 2/3 spells for a long period you might not need that puch PIE^^.

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