No One Lives Under The Lighthouse – Achievement Guide

Simple pointers for 100% completion.

Story Related Achievements

All credit goes to erc!

  • The World: (Day 1) as you arrive at the island.
  • The Star: (Day 2) as you wake up in your abode.
  • The Tower: (Day 3) as you enter the lighthouse.
  • Wheel of Fortune (!): (Day 4) after you escape from the maze.
  • Death (!): (Day 4) as you sail towards the ship on the horizon.
  • The Lovers (!): (Day 4) after you dig your way into the earth.
  • The Sun: (Day 4) as you conclude your adventure, no matter the path.

(!) Note that these three are only available if you do not find a firearm or choose not to use it if found.


These ones require extra effort on your part and can be missed during a first run.

Strength (Prologue)

There lies a trapdoor to the cellar in the ground level of the lighthouse. Check it out.

The Emperor (Days 1 to 4)

You wake up to patches of dirt in your abode’s floor every single day. Grab the broom from the kitchen and clean them up.

The Hierophant (Day 1)

There is a cross hung above the bedroom door of your abode. Do not leave home without it.

The Chariot (Days 2 and 3)

You are hunted by an entity in two different sequences. Do not get caught.

Temperance (Day 3)

You need to search through the mounds to find the lighthouse key. There are ten mounds around the island. Dig them all.

The Hermit (Day 3)

You are hunted by the entity. Do not run for the toolshed. Opt for the outhouse instead.

The Magician (Days 1 to 4)

There is a locked chest at the corner of your bedroom. You need four coins to unlock it. Better slot them in one by one, as you find them.

  • Day 1 – Grab your briefcase from the pier and put it on the table.
  • Day 2 – Check around the boat lying at the beach.

  • Day 3 – Dig the mound behind the lighthouse.
  • Day 4 – Search the floor of the lighthouse balcony (before mending your roof).

Open the chest to find a shotgun and two shells.

The Fool (Day 4)

Grab the shotgun and the shells from the chest. Wait with the mending. Shoot the seagull at the lighthouse balcony first.

Justice (Day 4)

You come face to face with the entity in the lighthouse. Do not shoot it. Run to the cellar instead.

The Empress / The Moon (Day 4: The Maze)

You awaken in a maze with a lantern lying on the floor. Leave it. The entity hunts you. Do not get hit, let alone get killed.

The High Priestess (Day 4: The Underground)

You come across a temple underground. There are four bonfires inside. Torch them.


  • The Devil – Do not shoot the entity and run for your life, see where it takes you.
  • The Hanged Man – Do not follow your prey to the cellar, climb to the top of the lighthouse instead.
  • Judgement – Shoot the entity when you get the chance to do so.

After you get twenty-two achievements, Major Arcana unlocks. If not, start your adventure anew and step unto the pier once more. That should do it.

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