Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts – Southwest Rabbit Location / Small Game

Rabbits on southwest are the most hard to find as there seem to be no visible rabbit holes. This guide shows you a quick spot to farm the 10 rabbits with 1-2 restarts only as you can get roughly 4 rabbits in a short time.


Many people struggle to find the 10 rabbits for one of the vermin hunts in the south west area. I have looked up many resources and could not really find a suitable location until i suddenly stepped right on them!

Below is the information on how to easily complete the vermin hunt for rabbits in southwest region.

Southwest Rabbit Location

Spawn on the Split Rock free roam spot. Look to the N/NE to see a small hill right from your spawn location as seen on the following screenshot:

Get on that hill and make a U-turn to have a view similar to the on the next screenshot:

On this screen you see a small rock formation right in the center. In front of this is a spot where the rabbits will pause for a brief second when running around wild. So that is a good spot to shoot them with not wasting much ammo on running ones.

The rabbits will spawn “below” you so make sure that you walk a few meters backwards and around so they have a chance to spawn “out of your view”. The hill will conceal the area right in front of you and the rabbits will usually run away from you giving you the needed 75 to shoot!

If you get no rabbits to spawn you can walk to the N/NE a few meters and come back to the spot. Still no luck then just restart or leave map to come back.

I got this done within 5 min after i noticed the amount of rabbits there. Hope you get lucky on them now too! 🙂

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