Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – All Anniversary Cakes 2020 in Jakob’s Rest Campaign

How to find all the anniversary cakes in Jacob’s Rest campaign.

How to Find All Cakes


From 20th to 27th April 2020 you can find a hidden anniversary cake on all the official maps. This guide helps you to find them it the Jacob’s Rest campaign.

1. Landing Bay

First cake is easy to find. It is in the middle of the level. You have to unveld the door with the turret on the left.

2. Cargo Elevator

Second cake is also in the middle of the level, in the place were you have to explode a barrel which moves a big pipe to put a bridge across the cliff. The cake is under the stairs behind the big green military box, hard to notice. You can see it if you come to another side of the hallway.

3. Deima Surface Bridge

This one is on the bridge after hacking the first terminal before unfolding the bridge. Go left and on top of the bridge close to the pile of boxes and bins will be the cake.

4. Rydberg Reactor

The cake is in the room to the left of the map, you need a welder to open this door. The cake is on a table inside.

5. SynTek Residential

This one is inside the window from which a big monster appears when you com down from the stairs. You have to come closer to the left wall in order to see it clearly.

6. Sewer Junction B5

This cake is hidden close to the left wall from the bridge in a place where you can meet 2 big spitting monsters and a couple of parasite’s eggs on the bottom.

7. Timor Station

Final cake is very close to the beginning of the level. After you set up the bomb moving go forward and after killing 2 small spitters you need to break cardboard box, the cake is inside.


Congratulations! You have found all the cakes in Jacob’s Rest campaign.

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