Monsters’ Den: Godfall – Beginners Tips

Character Skill Field

So what is the character skill field, and how can I use it?
Well, the CSF(character skill field) is a field that doesn’t have any enemies on it, an “empty” battle field. It enables you to use your characters abilities (i.e. healing) without being attacked, the drawback being you don’t generate power for your skills, so you have a very limited amount of actions you can take. The skills you use do stay with you until your next fight. The CFS is accessible through the down arrow icon in the bottom left of your screen as shown below.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips

How come I can only use one characters skills?
Well, you have to manually select which characters skills you want to use, you do this by selecting their icon in the upper right corner.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips


Keys open locked chests that can be found in dungeons that you visit. You earn keys by defeating enemies, and you can’t take the keys with you when you leave the dungeon. The number of keys that you have are displayed in the top right corner under the character icons.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips


Supplies are really important early in the game, they can heal and revive downed troops for free, though you only have three. Supplies can also open locked chests, though that is of secondary importance. To activate the healing, you click on the sparkly bandage in the lower left corner of the screen.

Healing Shrines

Healing Shrines are scattered randomly through the dungeon, like supplies, they heal and revive your troops, but unlike supplies you have to make a monetary “offering,” you pay for it. The base cost is around 500 gold (in game currency) (False, it is 100 gold/level, thank you Immortalits) that scales upward with your troops level, adding another 100 gold for every level above 5 they are.

Bag Customization

Bag customization is a very convenient way to organize your loot, the link to the customization screen is located in the upper left corner of your inventory (the inventory icon is along the top of your screen), from the customization screen you can change everything from what kind of items are sorted into it to what color the bag icon is.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips

Character Customization

Sometimes you want a team that kicks tons of a** and looks good. That is where character customization comes in. To get to character customization, you click on the hood along the top of your screen, select the character you want to work on, and to customize the appearance, click on the gear icon.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips

There are four tabs in the character screen, they are: Statistics, Assign Skills, and two skill trees that are unique to each of the five classes. Statistics shows you all the data on the character, as well as the amount of points are in the four columns, strength, dexterity, endurance, and intellect.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - Beginners Tips

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