Monsters’ Den: Godfall – How to Prepare Your Fight

Recomended Equipment

So, you have four level 1 fighters and you’re on your first mission, good for you! So, how do you prepare for a hostile encounter? Well, what I like to do is wander around the dungeon first, to try to find some good loot. And if you do find some good stuff go to your inventory, see that trophy icon to the far right? Clicking on that icon will show recommended equipment for the character, and then you cycle through your troops, easy!

Monsters' Den: Godfall - How to Prepare Your Fight

The recommended items are usually the best choice for the character, though not always. I will try to cover the exceptions later.

Farming for Health

Ok, your troops are on low health, the last foe stands with a fraction of health remaining, now it’s time to finish him off right? Wrong! You use the opportunity to heal up! Cause at this point you can out heal any damage he can throw at you. Having your troops at optimal health at the start of a fight is more important then quickly finishing off the last foe.

Monsters' Den: Godfall - How to Prepare Your Fight


There are potions available in the game, they offer different buffs that can be really handy in a fight, though you have to ration yourself as you have a limited number of them. You have a chance before the fight starts to give your troops some potions if you so desire, but I personally, rarely think it’s a necessary action. But, if you think it’s necessary, then here is what I recommend you give to each character.

  • Back Row: QuickSilver Elixir. 
  • Front Row: Elixir of Protection, TrollsBlood Elixir.
  • Any Row: Elixir of Alertness.
  • Specific Class: Flaming Elixir, Mage.
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