XCOM: Chimera Squad – Time Increase Guide

Here is something familiar in this code that I had already seen before in XCOM 2 is the time that is required before everything can end and we have to restart the game, there is a way to get much more time in the game.

Guide to Get More Time

How to Get More Time in XCOM: Chimera Squad Before Our Contandor Reaches

This is going to be, very simple, just look at the original code and, the small modification, that I made, you can copy and paste that code in the DefaultGameData.ini file located right here: 

  • C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common XCOM-Chimera-Squad XComGame Config 

Open it with your favorite, text editor, save the modification or you can adjust the value of the setting yourself.

Original values

  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[0]=0 ;Easy
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[0]=12
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[1]=0 ;Normal
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[1]=12
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[2]=0 ;Classic
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[2]=12
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[3]=0 ;Impossible
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[3]=12

Modified values

  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[0]=0 ;Easy
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[0]=90
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[1]=0 ;Normal
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[1]=90
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[2]=0 ;Classic
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[2]=90
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[3]=0 ;Impossible
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[3]=90

You just have to modify those settings or copy and paste and ready to start a new campaign, and voila will take effect!

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