Risk of Rain 2 – Monsoon Quickstart Master Guide

Enable yourself to turn your Monsoon failures into success stories. This quick guide shows you how but without the clutter. Both for SP and MP.

Guide to Play Monsoon Quickstart Master

1. Rush the First Two Stages

Roam the first two stages for loot as efficiently as you can but stick to these crucial teleporter activation timings:

  • Stage 1 — around the 3:00 min mark.
  • Stage 2 — around the 7:00 min mark.

Then fully loot the rest of the stages for the remainder of the run.

Explanation: There is not enough coin per time spent on the first two stages. The suggested timing also allows you to potentially grab the Preon Accumulator in the timed chest[riskofrain2.gamepedia.com] on Rallypoint Delta for free. You know you are doing alright time-wise when the legendary chest on Abyssal Depth as potential stage 4 costs no more than $3,000 (the lower the better).

2. Prioritize Items Correctly

Especially in the early game prioritize item categories for your character as follows:

  • Damage over.
  • Healing over.
  • Utility.

Explanation: Irrespective of character class a certain critical mass of items is crucial for your run’s success. Healing items have become much more important on Monsoon due to its heavy penalty to healing regeneration. Classify Utility as pure luxury items for now.

3. Visit Newt Often

Try to always activate a Newt altar when roaming the map for loot in order to enter the Bazaar Between Time. Keep looking for the following lunar items there (in this order):

  • Shaped Glass.
  • Transcendence.
  • Gesture of the Drowned.
  • Glowing Meteorite (effortless farming).

Explanation: Lunar items can give your run a significant headstart or fully realize your build in ways otherwise not possible. Learn all the maps and their Newt altar locations. For the drop rate of Lunar coins is laughably low, don’t shy away from cheating them in[www.gamepur.com], which amounts to little more than editing a text file.

4. Avoid Item Trades

Walk away from trading your items in no matter how enticing a trade may appear and especially at Newt’s. The rare exception are overpowered items for certain or a multitude of characters, such as these:

  • Unstable Tesla Coil (gg).
  • Shattering Justice.
  • Ukulele.

Explanation: Trading can be reasonable even if only for nigh-final builds in the late game. The critical mass of items you have acquired so far must be kept intact to keep your run alive. Also, trades almost always result in net negatives; they are trade-downs or risky RNG gambles with little pay-off.

5. Fight for Loot, Not Kills

Your whole purpose of roaming the stage (in a circular fashion) is to acquire loot in order to become god-like and to progress to the next stage. If there is no point in fighting, then don’t.

Explanation: Especially in multiplayer a lot of players lose sight of the main objective. There is no point in bashing one endlessly spawning enemy wave after the other if it doesn’t lead to equally proportionally valuable loot. Wasting time as such may cost you the run.

6. Know When to Retreat

Be prepared to flee, for there comes a point in time when you will have to retreat from a fight to recharge your health, because you either have overestimated your character’s current power level or underestimated the enemy’s.

Explanation: Incoming damage can easily be misjudged and negative status effects can accumulate only all too quickly leading to certain death—however counterintuitive you need to anticipated and seize the opportunity for retreat in dangerous situations when given the chance to do so, otherwise the time spent on your run will be for naught. Caution keeps your run alive especially against boss fights, special enemies, and when your build is yet to mature.

0. Play as Mercenary

Written by Leonard McCoy

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