Streets of Rage 4 – Hidden Levels / Bosses (Retro Easter Egg)

Please note: all credit goes to paranoiagent87!

Where to find hidden levels and location of secret Easter Egg bosses!

Where to Find the Secret Easter Egg Levels and Hidden Bosses

Hey folks found some secret Easter eggs and wanted to share.

You can access these secret levels by either playing story mode, arcade or stage select. Each arcade machine will require a taser to activate the secret level which will always be provided either by an enemy or just laying on the ground. Once your in the secret levels you will only get 1 life to kill the boss. you’ll be rewarded with a star special pickup from one of the breakable items on that retro stage.

On stage 2 after you’ve beaten the taser guards you’ll see an arcade machine. Pick up a taser and attack the arcade machine with it.

Once done you’ll be taken to the an old retro level and face off against the Boss Jack (Hes an easy fight, just likes to throw knives a bit and has a 3 swipe attack).

At stage 4 head to this area.

Go inside and walk to the left to access the arcade machine. once again attack it with a taser.

Here you will fight zanza. (he moves around a lot very quickly and has a wake up drill claw so be careful after you’ve knocked him down.

On stage 5 after passing the sewers you’ll end up in the bar.

This time you fight Abedede (He was much more difficult in streets of rage 2. here hes a bit tonned down. has a running lariat attack, a dive, and a wake up aoe attack with invincibility).

Lastly on stage 8 after you’ve passed the art exhibit you will end up in this room.

As soon as you enter the room there will be a taser directly where you are standing in the shot. pick it up and once again attack the arcade machine.

In this secret level you will fight a few enemies before you fight retro Shiva (has an anti air attack and is much more difficult than the updated streets of rage 4 Shiva boss fight, Followed by Mr.X (runs around a lot and shoots you with his machine gun) with some minions that continuously spawn.

Happy hunting and hope you guys are enjoying the game!

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