Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth – How to Defeat Abram (Without Damage)

This guide explains how to defeat Abram, the first boss, without taking any damage.

Guide to Defeating First Boss

First and Foremost: Obtain the Dragon Buster!

For quicker results, it is best to focus on accumulating gold and experience before attempting to defeat Abram, so you may easily defeat him using the Dragon Buster sword.

Abram’s Weakness

Abram, the blue dragon, will appear in a sequence that can be easily recognized as his weakness.

Abram’s Weakness

First, he appears to the right of the screen, then he’ll vanish and reappear to the left of the screen before vanishing yet again. Next, Abram will fly through the screen–either from left to right or vice versa–via the top of the screen, then again via the bottom of the screen. Finally, his last sequence will be to the back of the stage, while spitting his cold/wind breath with a side-to-side motion.

Using Abram’s Weakness Against Him

Abram will switch between his hot and cold breaths, or rather fire and wind, while being stationed at the right-side of the screen.

  • Use your corresponding familiars to guard yourself from his hot and cold breaths as you approach the lower-half of his body, and strike him repeatedly using your Dragon Buster sword.

Abram will then vanish beneath the water and reappear to the left-side of the screen. Here, he will again switch between his hot and cold breaths.

  • Again. Use your corresponding familiars to protect yourself as you approach the lower-half of his body, and strike him repeatedly using your Dragon Buster sword (refer to picture below).

Abram will then vanish beneath the water and reappear, but this time he’ll sweep across the stage via the top-half of the screen.

  • Be sure to stay grounded as he makes his overhead pass.

Abram will then repeat this motion for a second time, but via the lower-half of the screen this time.

  • Use your wisp familiar, a.k.a. wind spirit, to glide yourself above Abram as he bypasses.

Abram will commence his final sequence at the backside of the center-stage, while using his cold breath to make projectiles directed at your mobile direction.

  • Keep mobile and simply evade his cold projectiles, or breath, while gearing up to attack for his next appearance–which will repeat in the aforementioned sequence, time and time again, until either you defeat him or he defeats you.

This is where experience comes into play. Get familiar with your, um, familiars so you may switch between the two without hesitation.

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