XCOM: Chimera Squad – Agents Team Synergies Guide

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You can tailor pretty much any agents to fit your needs and be efficient in the quest to restore order to City 31 but the following teams works quite well.

Guide to Agents Team Synergies

Axiom / Godmother / Patchwork / Terminal

Axiom is the designated first breacher to make use of his Battering Ram ability, quickly followed by Godmother with a smoke bomb or flashbang to protect the team from incoming damage. She can use her Alpha strike to come into play just after Axiom, activate her Overtime to make sure to come into play in three turn and then proceed to use her Team Spirit to make Axiom play again just after her. Patchwork and Terminal are there to finish off stragglers through Chaining Jolt or provide valuable heal.

If you value consistent damage and don’t like Axiom’s Rage mechanic, Zephyr makes a great alternative as first breacher.

Axiom / Torque / Blueblood / Terminal

A good jack-of-all trades team. Axiom takes the role of first breacher, followed by Torque who can use her superior mobility to flank or take a threatening enemy out of combat thanks to her bind. Blueblood provides covering fire and finish off stragglers with his good aim and Terminal, of course, is there to heal and provide good versatility thanks to her Cooperation. You can exchange Axiom for Godmother or Zephyr if you don’t like his Rage mechanics.

Zephyr / Claymore / Verge / Patchwork

By equipping Claymore with Shock Grenades and by using Patchwork GREMLIN to stun and disorient target, this team can reliably stunlock an entire enemy encounter. Verge can use his Stupor to disable far away targets. As Verge and Patchwork both use assaults rifle, this team can be very efficient if you provide them with upgraded version of their weapon from the Assembly. However, be sure to equip some of your team with Medikit for the longer missions.

Cherub / Blueblood / Torque / Terminal

A safe and defensive team focused on holding the line and slowly bleeding out the enemy. Cherub can absorb a lot of incoming damage thanks to his shield. By equipping both Blueblood, Torque and Terminal with specialized ammo type such as venom round, you can reliably inflict poison upon a large number of foe, which will help Torque’s crit potential against them if you picked her Synthetic Venom skill. This team make uses of pistols and submachine guns, so it is important to provide them with the enhanced version you can get from the armory.

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