Fallout 76 – Riding Shotgun Event Guide

Please note: all credit goes to huxley!

How to get the best possible rewards in the new Riding Shotgun event, and what rewards you can get.

Guide to Riding Shotgun Event

How to Do the Event

This event can only be triggered by going to Big Bend Tunnel east and talking with the guy in the suit (Vinny).

The event is easy enough if you have a decent build. Most of the time when you are attacked, it will be a few dogs and a few humans apart from the middle part.

The four missing caches are split into 3 different sections of the event.

There is always one cache before the middle section (middle section is where you have to kill the captain)

One cache can be located around the middle section, normally around the tunnel where the mole miners spawn

The last two caches are past the middle section. one on the right side, then one on the left side normally.

I think my biggest tip to get all four caches is to utilize the pause in the event where you have to open the door (just after killing the captain). Just clear out all the enemy and you can then run around looking for the caches. Once you have all four, open up the gates and then all you have to worry about is defending.

How to Get the Best Possible Rewards

To get the best rewards you will have to collect “lost supplies”. This comes down to having one player go around the tunnel to look for blue crates, where the lost supplies are located. If you get all four lost supplies you will have the best chance of earning rare rewards!

Rare Rewards

The rare rewards you can get from this event are:

  • Blueridge Caravan Gas Mask.
  • Blueridge Caravan Outfit.
  • Plan: Blueridge Caravan Backpack.
  • Plan: Blueridge Caravan Flag.

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