Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Advent Loyalist Multiplayer Guide (Intermediate)

Multiplayer guide for Advent Loyalist, level: Intermediate.

Guide to Multiplayer


This is a multiplayer guide for Advent Loyalist, level: Intermediate. It focuses on multiplayer 5v5, Aggressive position.



  • Build 2 more scouts and send 4 scouts to auto explore.


  • Build 2 colonizer frigate and colonize adjacent asteroids, then neutral.

Starting Capital ship

  • Build Progenitor as the starting capital ship.

Starting tech

  • Build Temple of Hostility and research corvette.

Early Game

Capital: Progenitor: pick the first skill depending on:

  • If you can colonize more asteroids safely: take Colonize.
  • If early fighting vs fleet: take Malice.
  • If vs SB rush: take Shield Regen.


  • Build corvettes initially.
  • If vs SB rush, switch to light frigates.
  • Non-stop fleeting.


  • Only take asteroids if possible.


  • Beam and Repair if needed (e.g. on frontier planets).
  • Upgrade planet health if needed.

Mid Game

Capital ship: might be a good idea to get a 2nd one. Some good options:

  • Radiance: tanky and good anti-capital skill.
  • Rapture: good damage reflection skill (vengeance).
  • Discord: good anti-fleet skills, especially vs corvettes.


  • Corvettes: yes.
  • Illuminator: yes.
  • Disciple: yes if vs SB/flak.
  • Defense: yes if vs corvettes. Do not build too many, around 10 should be enough.
  • Iconus Guardian: yes.
  • Drone host: yes if vs mines.


  • Build 2 Temple of Harmony and research Culture.
  • Build a culture temple and upgrade social on homeworld.
  • Colonize some ice/volcano etc.


  • Beam and Repair if needed (e.g. on frontier planets).
  • Upgrade planet health if needed.

Late Game

Capital ship

  • Build Titan, initial skills: Unity Mass and Suppression Aura.
  • Research Mass transcendence.
  • Build several Halcyons, all with Adept Drone, some with Telekinetic Push and some with Amplify Energy Aura.


  • Mainly Titan, Capitals and some Iconus with Repulsion.
  • Left-over frigates/corvettes from mid game may support but only if safe (e.g. not vs Titan, SB, Marza MB).


  • Upgrade social on homeworld.
  • Upgrade culture and max allegiance (including SB with Reverence on homeworld).


  • SB on homeworld and key choke points.
  • Upgrade Disorientation and Meteoroid on SB if needed.
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