Royal Crown – Champion Tier List

A Royal Crown Guide but I rate every champion based on my experience!

Tired of being dumpstered all game including both Sqaud and Solo? Tired of jumping into team fight and deal no damage at all? Are you bored because your teammate sucks? Do you come looking into the guide section and hope to find a helpful guide? Then you’ve come to the wrong place, cuz I will rate every champion there have ever existed.


This guy solid and has simple skill AND is recommended for everyone from Beginner to Rank #1. He has nice bread and butter combo that is suitable for every situation. He works in Squad as a Initiator/CC if your team doesn’t have any and works in Solo as a solid face to face fighter. I have never see any LV.1 – LV.5 player play this guy. Why?


She deals no damage early game but has a nice escape skill. Although the difficulty level displays easy, it is easy for people who actually know how to play the game and/or how scaling in this game works.

All she can do is kite and be an annoying bug to the other team in Squad and prepared to get jumped by millions of skill that can catch up to her in Solo.


He works best in Squad because of his AOE stun and tankiness. Don’t know how he can be able to Solo thou.


If you drop down from the ship in Solo and see her dropping besides you, fly as far away as possible. Cuz she can cut you in half at LV.1. She is outright broken in any 1V1 situation and should never be engaged alone.

She however do not have any tankiness and can be fight against if you know what she’s doing and what you’re doing. If she’s so far ahead in gears and runes…


This guy deals no damage. Next!


I always get chased by Stepan in Solo idk why. He has a role of being frontline fighter and catcher in Squad. Also whoever playing him has 200IQ of Nidalee spear from LoL.


He has everything to shoot people and especially melts tanks. But he is weak to gap closer. I’ve never see this guy in Solo.


I missed a gap closer skillshot and now my kill potential is her kill potential.


This lady excels in 1V1 anyone and still loses to Leo.


Good luck doing a teamfight with this girl in the other team. Also if you can win Solo #1 with her you can link your clip to me and I’ll salute to it.


This girl is the Jack of all Trades but the master of none. She can heal, CC and be a damage dealer at the same time. I’ve never see her in Solo.


Rank 1 to 100 has Coric as their main character. This guy is the powerhouse of the team that is capable to 1V3 any squad comp. Also don’t provoke Coric in Solo unless you want your ♥ spread wide.


Who the ♥ play this guy anyway. Unless you play with your friend in trio squad, don’t play him.


She is good in prolonged fight. That’s it.


No one play Ruhk.

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