Beat Saber – Comprehensive Modding Guide

This guide shows you all the things you need to start getting mods on Beat Saber and playing custom songs!

Guide to Modding in Beat Saber

Downloading The Program

There are many mod installer programs you can use for Beat Saber, but the one I would highly suggest is Mod Assistant, it is the best rated and is updated regularly. When a new version of Beat Saber comes out, the program automatically detects it and changes it to the latest version.

  • The download to Mod Assistant can be found here.

Setting Up The Program

When you first open the program, it asks you to agree, once agreed you will be given access to the rest of the program.

When on the mods tabs, you will get a screen like this:

You can install any mods you like, if you get a pop up saying Beat Saber folder not found, you may have to select it manually if it does not find it automatically.

To do this, go to the options tab, and click select folder under install folder.

Note: You installation directory will look different to mine, to find your Beat Saber folder, locate your Steam folder and go to the following directory: SteamsteamappscommonBeat Saber

Installing Songs

  • There are two way you can install custom songs on Beat Saber, the first way is to install them while in-game. But the most easiest and common method is to install them through beatsaber.

To install songs through beatsaver, you will have to enable OneClick installs in Mod Assistant. To do this go to the options tab in Mod Assistant, and select beatsaver under OneClick Installs.

Note: This requires administrator.

To then install songs on beatsaver, first select the song you would like and then click OneClick install.

This will then automatically download the song for you and put it into your game files.

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