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Scrap Mechanic - Transport Guide for Caged Man (Survival Mode)

Written by Phishfood   /   May 8, 2020    

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Instructions on how to transport the caged man on survival mode. Don't use your hammer like an idiot, use your head.

How to Transport the Caged Man


  1. You need a welding tool.
  2. Separate your vehicle in to 2 halves.
  3. Place your lift, construct a 10x10 floor with some pillars like a cage, with an entry way to knock the cage in to.
  4. Create some steps so the ball can roll in to the cage when knocked in (optionally create some walls on the floor to guide the ball into the cage).
  5. Knock the cage in and once it is in use your own body to push the ball to the back of the cage while you seal it up (ideally with a roof).
  6. Weld the 2 halves of your vehicle on to the cage.

Drive slow. If you tip over and you have to put your vehicle on the lift the ball cage will not stay and you'll have to do all that to get him back in again.

Written by Phishfood.