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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - Starting Guide

Written by RQA The Vastayan   /   May 8, 2020    

This guide should cover most of the common questions relating to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

How to Start


Yes DDA has autoloot. The first thing you should do when getting into the game is set up your autoloot preferences.

The option can be accessed by pressing ESC, click options and its under the gameplay tab.

Heroes and Hero Swapping

All four heroes in your deck will recieve xp at the same rate, having less wont funnel that into a specific hero. This means that you should always run with 4 heroes!

You can have 4 heroes in your deck at any given time. Something you may not know is that you can right click and click swap on any of them, this allows for more than the 4 slots in your deck and can be quite useful if you plan to try different builds with different selections of heroes.

You can swap out a builder with another hero and your defenses will remain. One thing to note about this is that as with not having your builder as your active hero, you will lose the 33% damage bonus from those defenses.

TL:DR Right click to swap heroes from the H menu.

Set Bonus

As you might have noticed there are different kinds of armour in dungeon defenders awakened!

  • Ancient - Always roles with Skill.
  • Guard - Always roles with Vitality.
  • Militia - Always roles with Attack, Focuses Hero stats.
  • Miner - Always roles with Power, Focuses Defense stats.
  • Primitive - Always roles with Movement.
  • Arcanist - Not in the game just yet!

Equipping 4 from the same set provides you with a set bonus. This bonus is a flat 40% of the stats granted from your Helmet, Chest, Gloves, and boots.

For instance if you're getting 100 power from all 4 pieces you will instead get 140 power by having all pieces from the same group, EG Miner.

Extra Stuff

Inventory size: 525 items, 15 pages.

Builder bonus: If you stay on the hero that built the defence during the wave you will see a 33% increase in the damage those defenses deal.

Written by RQA The Vastayan.