Scrap Mechanic – Piston Powered Saw

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This guide will tell you how to make and use a piston powered saw.

How to Make and Use a Piston Powered Saw

Part List

  • Sawblade.
  • Piston [Minimum Lvl 2].
  • Any Block.
  • A Trigger [Button, Switch, or Sensor].


  • Place 2 blocks where you want to start the build.
  • On one side, go 7 blocks out, place a bearing at the end, on the other side, go up a block.
  • Place a Lvl 2 or higher piston (If you don’t use Lvl 2 or higher, you won’t have enough power to cut through the tree.) upon the block up top, place it so when it extends it goes in the direction of the extended bit, now place a block on the end of it and crank the piston power and length up to max.
  • Place a sawblade on the bearing.
  • Put your trigger where you desire somewhere and link it to the piston.

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