Scrap Mechanic – Tips & Tricks for New Players (Survival Mode)

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In this guide I’ll show you how to start in a new Survival Mode world in Scrap Mechanic. This guide is for those who are new to the game or who are new to the Survival Mode. Or if you are looking for a few tips and tricks.

Tips & Tricks

If you are lazy (like me) and don’t want to read the guide I put it all in a video:

The Basics

Here are some Key Bindings:

  • Place blocks: LMB (left mouse button).
  • Pick up blocks: hold RMB (right mouse button).
  • Pick up loot: RMB or E.
  • Rotate lift / items before placing: Q.
  • Camera zoom out: C or ALT + Scroll down.
  • Camera zoom in: X or ALT + Scroll up.
  • Open Backpack: B or TAB.
  • Move the Lift.
  • Up: ARROW key UP.
  • Down: ARROW key DOWN.

Loot Crates:

You can find them all over the world. Most of them do respawn. Hit them with your sledgehammer to break it and get the items.

Set Spawn:

You can set your spawn point by “sleeping” in a bed (just hop in the bed and leave it right after). Every time you die, you will respawn there. You can later build a bed and place it on your car/vehicle to have the spawn point next to you if you die on your adventures!

The Game Time:

Each Day in Scrap Mechanic lasts 24 real life minutes. The time is displayed in the top left corner of the HUD

Extinguish the Fire in Your Spaceship

First of all, you want to get rid of the flames in your spaceship. Near your ship you’ll find a small pond with two buckets. Pick up the buckets. Head to the water with the bucket in your hand and press.

LMB. Now you can go to you ship and throw the water at the flames to extinguish them.

Getting the Basic Resources

Wood is obtained by hitting a tree with your sledge hammer. Hit all the parts until they are this size:

Press E to refine it in order to convert it into blocks.

(Later on you can speed up the process once you have a sawblade, a Resource Collector and a Refinery Bot.)

Scrap Metal is obtained by killing Haybots. You can also find it in the broken constructions around the map.

Press E to refine it in order to convert it into blocks.

Start Your First Farm

At the pond where you got your water you can also find all you need to start your first farm.

  • First you need to place a soil bag on the ground.
  • Then you need to place a seed in it.
  • Water it with your bucket.
  • (To speed up the growth you can use the fertilizer).
  • Wait until you can see the Carrot/Tomato…
  • Harvest it with LMB.

DON’T make your first farm TOO BIG. Otherwise farmbots will attack the farm!

Later on you’ll find the Wocs (The weird cows). You can feed them corn to get “Woc Milk” (fills up the drink bar. Is also used in a few crafting recipes).

You need to find corn and hit it with your hammer. It will drop some corn. Place the corn you collected next to the wok. It will eat it. Sometimes it will drop the wok milk.

That’s how corn looks like in game.

Power Up Your Spaceship

Just follow the dirt path/crator next to your ship untill you see this broken construction:

Climb up the construction and get to this part:

Pick the battery up with LMB and head back to your ship. Then place the battery in here:

Fight Against Bots

The Haybot and the Totebot are most frequent enemies running around. Kill them by hitting them with your hammer.

  • You can walk backwards and hit them. Because of the long range of the hammer you will hit them more often (while walking backwards) then they will hit you.
  • Toss water at the Haybots to disable them temporarily!
  • Tapebots shoot at you but have very limited health. If you manage to sneak to them you can kill them with one hit!

Haybots drop scrap metal when they die!

Weapons like Spudguns are items which are difficult to get by at the start. (Kinda late game items)

Your First Car

If you have never built a car in Scrap Mechanic here is a small guide. What you need:

The Material

  • A driver seat.
  • A engine.
  • 6 bearings (2 for steering – 4 for the wheels).
  • 4 wheels.
  • Building blocks.
  • Wire tool.

Building the Car

Build a base plate out of the building blocks. Place the driver seat and the engine on it. For the steering wheels place blocks/pipes like in the picture:

Do that mirrored on the opposite site. Place the last two bearings in the back (right and left side of the car) and place the wheels on it.

Connecting the Parts:

Put the creation on the lift so it is easier to work. Use the connect tool to connect the driver seat with the horizontal (steering) bearings:

Right click with the connect tool on the green bearings to correct the steering. Otherwise the steering is inverted.

Connect the engine to the driver seat and 2 bearings which are connected to the wheels. Invert the bearings on the left side so all bearings rotate in the same direction.

Now you need to put gasoline into your engine! That’s it! 😀

The Workshop / Mechanic Shop

To find the workshop/mechanic shop just follow the dirt path (like you did to get the battery) until you see a parking lot. Then follow the street until you see a big wrench in the sky. Head there! Here you can get better crafting bots.

The battery which you need to power up the workshop/mechanic shop you can find next to the building in the room with the number 2 above it. Watch out there is a Haybot waiting for you!

The First Attack on Your Farm

If you build your farm too big Farmbots will come and try to destroy it. You’ll get a warning saying “Unauthorized farming detected”.

Build a wall/protection around your farm.

You’ll see a countdown. Remember: 1h in Scrap Mechanic = 1 minute in real time. So if it says “10h” in game you’ll have 10 min until the attack.

There won’t be any visual / audio notification when the attack begins so be careful!

When the counter hits zero a few farmbots will spawn around your farm and walk towards you. If they can’t find you they will walk towards the farm and destroy it / try to destroy the walls around the farm. The better blocks you use the harder it is for the bots to break the wall.

Written by CocoaCoCi

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